Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

Posted: November 8, 2009 07:05 PM

Crowdsourced band release "I've got nothing" single

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A band composed of four teenage YouTubers has released an entirely-crowdsourced single.

19-year-old Charlie McDonnell joined forces with three other teenage YouTube users to take part in a BBC Switch project named 'ChartJackers', in which they are attempting to break in to the UK chart in an unorthodox style; they have no budget, no experience and have to crowdsource everything - musicians, producers and promotion.

The song, I've got nothing, was a combined effort, with a number of users coming up with the lyrics. The group even managed to get help and advice from Fame Academy vocal coaches Carrie and David Grant.

Last week, the Chartjackers launched a two-pronged social media attack on UK Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. They encouraged Twitter users to send him Tweets and emails about their song in a bid to have it played on air. You can download 'I've got nothing' on iTunes from today.

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