Which schools are accredited?
WAUC accredited schools are listed on the Internet at this web site. If you would like a verification of accreditation, it can be done by mail. Please call (702) 990-3204 and leave your name and address.

Are the degrees given by W.A.U.C. schools considered valid?
All WAUC schools are approved by states within the U.S.A. or by a government agency (U.S. or overseas) authorized to grant permission for universities to offer post-secondary degrees. Such approval can be verified by contacting the schools directly.

Is WAUC recognized by the U.S. Department of Education?
The organization has worked toward recognition for the past five years. However, current laws in the U.S.A. prohibit the recognition of global accreditation associations. WAUC is recognized by the Association Internationale Des Educateurs Pour La Paix Mondiale, which is affiliated with UNESCO and UNICEF. Also, all of the WAUC schools are recognized by various governments and agencies around the world.

Which businesses or schools recognize the degrees given by WAUC schools?
There many schools and businesses which  recognize the degrees.  It is a student's responsibility to ask each school for this information. All WAUC schools recognize each other’s degrees and generally accept degrees and credits from any WAUC school.

How many WAUC member schools are accredited?
About a third of the schools are accredited. The remainder are member schools only.

How long has WAUC been in existence?
WAUC has been in existence since 1993.

Are WAUC schools federally funded?
WAUC schools do not qualify for federal funding because they are global institutions. However, many schools finance their own students without interest charges.

How do I obtain accreditation information for a particular school?
It is the student's responsibility to call each school to find out when it was accredited or when it had its accreditation renewed.

Will other universities accept my degree?
Acceptance of a degree program  is at the discretion of the university to which the degree is submitted. Please call the universities in question to verify acceptance.

My school or employer needs verification of WAUC guidelines. What can I do?
If a student needs verification of WAUC guidelines for a school or for an employer, the school or the employer can write WAUC requesting this information.

For information about membership in the W.A.U.C. and /or additional information about the organization's accreditation guidelines, please send your message by e-mail to info@waucinternationalaccreditation.com.

When sending an email letter kindly include your:
mailing address, email address, and fax number.

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