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Rachel-Cohen Kennedy

Specialist Subjects: Genesis, the Gene-assist record. The Bible and the Original language idioms. DNA and the Science of the Bible. Hominids and Humans. Soul and Soulless beings. Go to Bio: Click Here

Cindy is the co-host of the Gene Assist Broadcast

Specialist Subjects: Genesis, the Gene-assist record. The Bible and the Original language idioms. DNA and the Science of the Bible. Hominids and Humans. Soul and Soulless beings.


26th June 2009, 1 PM EST

PART 3 - Theodore Green explores God's design and purpose behind creation

Next segment of Theodore Green, Author of "The Deliberate Design of Destiny". Fallen Angels and the use of the TRUE Kabbalah.

12th June 2009, 6:00 PM EST

PART 2 - Theodore Green explores God's design and purpose behind creation




This  weeks show is the continuation of Rachel and Cindy's interview in San Jose CA with Theodore Green, Author of   "The Deliberate Design of Destiny".  THIS SEGMENTS FOCUS: GARDEN OF EDEN and THE CORRUPTED DNA,   FALLEN ANGELS, THE  DOUBLE HELIX, GIANTS, MYTHOLOGY and MUCH MORE.

 Subjects in the Bible that the Pulpit "pass over" without explanation.  It is time to SET THE TRUTH FREE, for those who have an Ear.........


5th June 2009

Theodore Green explores God's design and purpose behind creation




Rachel and Cindy flew to San Jose, California to sit down with  Ted Green, author of "The Deliberate Design of Destiny". Theodore Green explores God's design and purpose behind creation as he deals with fallen dominions and powerful ancient and historical civilizations that are the roots of world in chaos. The book reveals shocking facts about true ancient history, creation and the miracle power of the word of God. Your world will never be the same once the mystery kept secret since the world began is revealed.

This first show is just a TINY portion outline of what the next 
This first show is just a TINY portion outline of what the next few shows will be about. We will discuss in the series the String Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Demonic DNA, Bible Mysteries, and how Ancient technology helped with unusual Archaeology, such as the pyramids and the Coral Castle. (Ted's book was the reason that we went to visit the Coral Castle, to see for ourselves!!) MUCH more


29th May 2009




Rachel and Cindy flew down to Miami, FL to trek down to Homestead to visit the Coral Castle. 

This is not an interview, per say.  This is just a short video clip of the coral castle.......which will tie into an interview that we are doing in California next week.  (Yes, we ARE all over the Planet!) 

The "CORAL CASTLE" is certainly worth a look-see as to how a 100 lb man built it, AND moved it..by HIMSELF.   This man was Edward Leedskalnin.  Leedskalnin disputed contemporary science and believed all matter consisted of magnets which could produce measurable phenomena, and electricity. Ed would say he had rediscovered the laws of weight, measurement, and leverage" and that these concepts involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments. 

Researchers have speculated that Ed learned the secret of levitation, and one theory in particular caught the imagination of many. The planetary grid hypothesis postulates that the earth is covered by an invisible web of energy, which is concentrated at points of telluric power, the convergence of which create unusual phenomena.     YOU tell US how YOU think he did it.........



22nd May 2009

Dr. Kenneth Hanson




Rachel and Cindy flew down to Orlando Florida to interview Dr. Kenneth Hanson.  Author, Professor and someone who knows his stuff...........without being stuffy!

 Dr. Hanson helps us understand the difference between reading the Bible with a Western mind set compared to reading it the way that it was written........with an Eastern understanding. Dr. Hanson has, through his books, "DEAD SEA SCROLLS:  THE UNTOLD STORY", "KABBALAH" , "THE ESSENE BOOK OF EVERYDAY VIRTUE", "SECRETS FROM THE LOST BIBLE" and "JAMES AND THE LOST HEIRS OF JESUS" made a rich treasure of ancient texts accessible to everyone. Dr. Hanson, who has appeared on syndicated radio and national television (The History Channel), have brought ancient insight into everyone's world. He hits points about WHAT the CORRECT translation of how the "Beginning of Creation" should be read..........We talk about the "Kabbalah"........The "Nephilim"..........The REAL meaning of the "Kingdom" and WHAT IT is......and much more. 

 For those who have ears........Listen in..


15th May 2009

The Physics of Christianity" - "The Physics of Immortality"




Rachel and Cindy flew to New Orleans to sit down with Dr. Frank Tipler, Author of the  "The Physics of Christianity" and   "The Physics of Immortality". Dr. Tipler is a Mathematical Physicist  and Cosmologist , holding a joint appointment in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics at Tulane University. 

DNA samples, Virgin birth,  Double xx male gene, Particle Physics for a resurrected body

Science fiction?  NO!!!!  Science Fact! 

The miracle of the Virgin Birth of Jesus, the virgin birth of a male, is plausible if we use modern knowledge of exactly how DNA codes for gender. One expects that, in a virgin birth, all the DNA in the child would come from the mother alone.  A DNA test was performed on the Shroud of Turin, claimed to be the burial shroud of Jesus, and the Oviedo Cloth, claimed to be the �napkin� that covered Jesus� face in his tomb. The DNA on both relics is just what one would expect if it were the DNA of an XX male.

According to Christians, Jesus rose from the dead in a �resurrection body,� a body that we will all have at the Universal Resurrection in the future. This �Glorified Body� was capable of �dematerializing� at one location and �materializing� in another. Modern particle physics provides a mechanism for dematerialization: conversion of the matter of an object into neutrinos, which are elementary particles that interact very weakly with normal matter and thus would be invisible. Reversing the process would result in apparently materializing out of nothing. If this was the mechanism of Jesus� Resurrection, there are several tests that could demonstrate it. In fact, some of these tests are so simple that an ordinary person could carry them out. The image of Jesus on the Turin Shroud has certain features we would expect to arise in the neutrino dematerialization process.


8th May 2009, 6:00 - PM EST

Is the Human brain  "PROGRAMMED" to believe in a Higher Being?





Rachel and Cindy flew to New York to do an interview with Matthew Alper, author of "THE GOD PART OF THE BRAIN". We were conflicted in how we thought that this interview might go. We had both read the book and knew that Matthew Alper was a non believer. So, how could we meet on common ground? The well written and informative way that this author put his book together was what gave us our footing. As total believers in GOD, we found that "THE GOD PART OF THE BRAIN" only confirmed what we already knew. Many of us are programmed to be believers. Matthew believes (and writes it so clearly) that there is a part of the brain that has evolved into what one might call the "spiritual" consciousness. We (believers) happen to think that we know who the "Programmer" is......GOD. Nevertheless, Alper writes a fabulous book, not only worth reading but also to be reckoned with.

"For those who have faith, no evidence is necessary. For those who have no faith, no evidence will suffice". This book offers everyone a unique look into the new science of DNA and Brain discovery, that we are learning on a daily basis.

(As a side note: Matthew Alper mentions the "Reptilian part of the Brain". He is speaking about the "limbic" system....but that ISN'T what WE know.......We know what it REALLY means............)


1st May, 2009

Field of Blood - an Interview with Author Eric Wilson





Rachel and Cindy interview ERIC WILSON. Eric has authored many books and tonight's show is about one of our favorites. FIELD OF BLOOD Story outline: Judas' blood holds more than his own DNA.................and that DNA holds more than death.
PREMISE: Scores of Romanian children contract a life-threatening virus. In Jerusalem, the same year, an ancient tomb is broken into. Gina Lazarescu is a girl caught between an unknown past and a dark future. Will she stand in the gap against the rising evil? Or become victim to it? Death is not a question. It is the answer. Welcome to a world that hides before your eyes. Eric was the novelist of "Fireproof" which has been made into a movie and has been on the NYT best selling list for many weeks, BUT this interview is about his Book "FIELD OF BLOOD". Listen to Eric as his "fictional" book bleeds from Biblical fact. Did Judas actually have the blood of satan inside of his body? Did this unholy blood seep into the burial tombs that have resurrected beings now known as the "undead"?


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