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Professor: Science Proves God's Existence

Proof Comes With 'Hard Nose Physics', Professor Says

POSTED: 12:01 pm CDT May 21, 2007
UPDATED: 9:18 pm CDT May 21, 2007

A controversial college physics professor claims he can prove God exists.

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"God is the cosmological singularity. I'm not being blasphemous. I'm just following the ancient tradition that says science put the tenant of religion to the experimental test, and we find God exists,” said Tulane University professor Frank Tipler.

He said he believes his findings are divine.

“It's coming out not of paleontology or religious mysticism, but hard nose physics, which I like,” he said.

Ignoring the school of thought that science and religion are separate, Tipler uses hard core scientific principles like Einstein's general relativity and quantum mechanics to make his point.

“What you can show using physics forces this universe to continue to exist. As long as you're using general relativity and quantum mechanics, you are forced to conclude God exists,” he said.

Some local church leaders have seen Tipler's presentation, including Hendersonville’s First Baptist Church the Rev. Glenn Weekley.

“That's good to know and if that be true, and what he says is defensible and true, that's wonderful. But, I don't think it makes a lot of difference in the long run in what we believe and why we believe it,” he said.

Sister Nicholas Marie has a doctorate degree in mathematical logic, but, she said, Tipler's board work leaves her speechless.

“I would not be able to even comment on that. … Those are some impressive formulas,” she said.

The Rev. Bruce Maxwell of Lake Providence Missionary Baptist Church said he's happy about the news, but not surprised.

"That at the end even of Einstein's life, Einstein came to the conclusion that God did not play dice with the universe. So, I'm very happy to see someone do this through science. I don't think there's a debate between science and religion. I just think one proves the other,” he said.

The Rev. David Perez of the Bellevue Community Church said the evidence has always been overwhelming that God exists and Jesus rose from the dead.

"Whether it's all of Tipler's conclusions, I'm not so sure. But the idea that science continues to lean towards theology, sure that makes sense,” Perez said of Tipler’s findings.

In essence, Tipler concludes the initial conditions of our universe and what made it happen is not due to chance.

Therefore, he said, it is due to design and without God, the world as we know it would not exist.

While many people are intrigued by Tipler's equations, some local faith leaders said all the evidence you really need can be found inside people.

“It is not a math equation. It is a soul and it is a heart equation,” Perez said.

“So we can really make a distinction between the scientific knowledge, the philosophical knowledge and the faith. So, in order to have the fullest knowledge of God you need those three. Science cannot replace faith,” Marie said.

Tipler does have his share of critics.

But, he said, physics can justify the birth of Jesus, the resurrection of the dead and the spiritual body and the incarnation.

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