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Physicist Claims Science Proves God's Existence

POSTED: 10:31 am PDT May 15, 2007
UPDATED: 10:51 am PDT May 15, 2007

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Tulane University physicist Frank Tipler claims that science proves God's existence.

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  • "I think that Christianity and science have always been intertwined," Tipler said.

    Tipler was a Christian when he was young and found his religion again as an adult, but not through faith.

    "It is coming out not of paleontology or religious mysticism, but out of hard-nosed physics, which is what I like," Tipler said.

    According to the laws of physics, matter, energy, movement and force make up everything in the world, but they all go back to one thing -- what physics calls the cosmological singularity.

    Tippler says that cosmological singularity is God.

    "What you can show using physics forces this universe to continue to exist," Tipler said. "As long as you're using general relativity and quantum mechanics, you are forced to conclude that God exists."

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  • "Everything that is true in life is true because God made it that way. Everything that is beautiful is beautiful because God made it that way. Math works because God made it that way," Palmer Chinchen said.

    Chinchen leads a congregation of about 800 at the Grove Bible Church in south Chandler.

    He says that beyond faith, the fact that the world is even here proves that God exists.

    "I think also the fact that people everywhere, regardless of nationality or race or creed, have a moral bearing, a moral compass. And we don't form that on our own; we're born with that, and someone much greater than ourselves put it there," Chinchen said.

    In Tipler's equation, even the holy trinity is illustrated.

    "The initial singularity, the final singularity, and yet another singularity which connects the two. So they're really three singularities in one," Tipler said.

    Members of the Catholic faith often look to miracles and apparent images of the Virgin Mary as proof that God is near.

    "There's no contradiction between science and religion, between reason and faith," said Fr. Rob Clements of Ss. Simon and Jude Catholic Church.

    Clements says Tipler's assertion that all existence comes from one being is in line with the teachings of the Catholic faith.

    "Nothing comes from nothing. Well, if ever there was a time that nothing existed, nothing could exist. Consequently, something has to bring existence out of nothing: God," Clements said.

    Meantime, Tipler says he still believes and that looking to scientific proof of God's existence isn't a crisis of faith.

    "God is the cosmological singularity. I am not being blasphemous; I'm just following in the ancient tradition in saying science puts the tenets of religion up to the experimental test and we find that God exists," Tipler said.

    Tipler further explains his proof of God in his book, "The Physics of Christianity."

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