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Hultquist Jewellery – New Autumn Winter 2013 Collection Available!

As Winter approaches and we start to feel a chill in the air, we can still brighten up those cold dull days with some beautiful costume jewellery from Hultquist’s latest Autumn & Winter 2013 Collection.

The fabulous new collection including “must have” Hultquist Bi Colour Oakleaf and Acorn Locket Necklace, Mini Stars and Nordic Leather Collection. From Hultquist’s short to long length necklaces, gold & silver bracelets and Swarovski crystal earrings, each piece lavishly adorned with feathers, silver birds, hearts, acorn lockets, snowflakes, topaz stones or oak-leaf charms and pendants.

Celebrate Christmas in style with your favourite jewellery essentials from each of the fabulous and timeless Hultquist Jewellery Collections. Perfect jewellery gifts for the hard to buy for and the easy to spoil.

Here are my favourite Hultquist Necklaces to wear this Winter with all your outfits, just click through to see a larger image. All the Hultquist Jewellery shown here and more is now available from Lizzielane.com as well as other Hutquist Jewellery Stockists.

Hultquist Jewellery New Spring Summer 2013 Collection Available!

Spring is here at last and Summer is fast approaching, so why not celebrate the delights of what hopefully will be a long hot Summer with the much awaited fabulous new Collection from Hultquist Jewellery. As the new season leaps into life, Hultquist offers oodles of promise for new possibilities and change with each and every new piece. Their inspiration for the new Collection has been taken from five specific styles and the designs include “must-have” necklaces, bracelets and earrings from each of the following ranges; Magical Tropical, Tropical Bird, Forbidden Fruit, Stargazed Rabbit and Hidden Heart

Hultquist and their jewellery are known world wide for their alluring designs and luxury fashion jewellery.  Each piece is hand made to the highest quality and plated in real silver, gold or rose gold, so rest assured if you are buying a piece from the new collection as a gift for someone special or for yourself you will be more than happy with your investment.

My Favourite Hultquist Jewellery From The Latest 2013 Collection.

Take a look at my favourite Hultquist pieces to wear this Summer and click through to see a larger image. All the Hultquist Jewellery shown here and more is now available from my favourite on-line boutique Lizzielane.co.uk as well as other Hutquist Jewellery Stockists.

Which is your favourite?

Hultquist New Autumn Winter Collection Available!

In plenty of time for Christmas, Hultquist release their stunning new Autumn Winter 2012 range.  As you would usually expect with Hultquist, all of their jewellery is hand made, plated with real silver or gold and their designs feature freshwater pearls, Czech glass beads, quartz or Swarovski crystals.  Their inspirations for this collection come Continue reading

Hultquist Jewellery Makes An Ideal Gift

Hultquist JewelleryWhen it comes to shopping for jewellery for someone, whether it be yourself or somebody else who is special in your life, a popular and stylish type to go with these days is Hultquist jewellery. Chances are, even if you are not familiar with this type by its name, you have seen it in different forms at some point in your life. After all, it is a rather popular style, especially in recent years. This specific type of jewellery itself usually consists of beads, though styles can vary greatly in terms of the materials the beads are made out of and the overall design of the piece.Continue reading

Shop Online for Hultquist

Picture of Hultquist JewelleryHultquist jewellery offers a wide range as well as rather exciting creations. The business was initially started in the early 80s and is still successful. Should you buy Hultquist you’ll get exclusive styles which will last very long due to the fact that these different jewellery creations are of very good quality. Each and every item from the company is safe for human use and do not consist of harmful metals for instance nickel that may irritate sensitive skin.Continue reading