The Nintendo eShop has much more than just games. Check out the wide variety of video content at your fingertips, available right from the Nintendo eShop.

Downloadable game trailers

Download 3D game trailers for some of the most anticipated titles coming to Nintendo 3DS. Past trailers include Animal Crossing 3D (working title), Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Nintendo Video

Watch free 3D videos delivered automatically to your Nintendo 3DS system via SpotPass™. Past videos include "Don't Stop" by Foster the People, the Dinosaur Office series by College Humor, and more. LEARN MORE

Nintendo Show 3D

Jessie Cantrell brings you information on the latest games, exclusive interviews, and takes you behind the scenes of some of the biggest events in the business with these free episodes.


Go to the Nintendo eShop to download 3D animation from Dreamworks—including Thriller, Night of the Living Carrots, and more. Download them to your Nintendo 3DS system, and you can watch any time.

Video walkthroughs

Need help? Watch video walkthoughs on select titles like Dillon's Rolling Western and Mighty Switch Force. You'll find the videos on their game detail pages within the Nintendo eShop.

Discover more ways to enjoy your Nintendo 3DS system.