Dec 13, 2012 7:00 PM CST
The elegant rhythm game featuring 25 years of FINAL FANTASY music has made its way to iOS for your iPhone and iPad!
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THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY released summer of this year for the Nintendo 3DS and showcased 25 years of amazing FINAL FANTASY music in an adorable, addictive and challenging rhythm game. With such composers as Hitoshi Sakimoto, Naoshi Mizuta, Masashi Hamauzu and of course the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, the music and the game's features melted the hearts of many a FINAL FANTASY fan across the world!

The addition of additional tracks through DLC, a first for the Nintendo eShop, players could expand their experience beyond the retail cartridge and enjoy the music of FINAL FANTASY long after the initial release!

Today however, we've expanded the audience of players able to enjoy this innovative rhythm title and help them too celebrate the 25th Anniversary of FINAL FANTASY. THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is now available on iOS for your iPhone and iPad!

The game is a free download on the iTunes App store for both systems, and comes with two free songs as well as over a 100 additional tracks for $.99 cents each or in packs of 4 for $2.99! You can also download new characters, including new characters not available in the original Nintendo 3DS release.

New songs are also available in this version from other FINAL FANTASY series titles such as the Crystal Chronicles Series, the Tactics Series and more!

We've also included a brand new mode of play where you can create custom sequences to your favorite FINAL FANTASY songs and share them with your friends! Be sure to sign into your Twitter account and tweet your progress to your friends. Challenge them to beat your top score! Also be sure to Like us on Facebook and post your favorite track!

As we get closer to the to-the-date anniversary for FINAL FANTASY on Dec 18th, we're seeing even more surprises to round out this amazing year. Download your copy of THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY today and rediscover the music that has made this series so memorable.

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