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LOJIC Online Map displays the following information: buildings, contours, spot heights, parcel lines and dimensions, sewers, roads, zoning, FEMA floodplain, and aerial photography and Development Information Tool. Also see how Jefferson County has changed over time by displaying current and past years of aerial photography starting with 1997 black and white photography. Learn More...

New 2012 Aerial Photos now available

Introduction to Geodetic Control Map Geodetic Control Map – provides public access to survey monument descriptions, reconnaissance photos and site maps through simple spatial navigation and selection operations against the geodetic control database in the LOJIC GIS. Updated Information Now Available.
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Where Do I Vote?tells registered voters in JEFFERSON COUNTY, KENTUCKY their polling locations and also provides information about their representatives including contact information. If your address cannot be located, please call theJefferson County Election Center at (502) 574-6100 for your polling location.

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Snow Status Map - find out which streets around you are cleared during a snow event and get live updates on street clearing progress from the comfort of your own home. You can enter an address to learn about a specific location or click right on the map to get more details.

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See Louisville Metro Government's Map It.

Check out the PVA subscription service called Online Property Information with Maps.

Visit MSD's Floodplain Determination Site.

Visit the Oldham County Geographic Information Consortium (OGIC) Interactive Map.

Visit other Interactive Maps Sites in Kentucky.


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