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The goal of the American Working Dog Council is to unite in a common cause, all law enforcement agencies, and private companies utilizing the services of canines, as a detection tool. It is the goal of the American Working Dog Council to set a national standard for Police K9 Trainers as well. Currently there is no National Standard for Trainers. The AWDC is here to set a standard.


The AWDC is looking for members, trainers, and other canine professionals to help better the standards for the working dog field.

The AWDC will be putting together a list of approved trainers, as well as certification officials. These people are here to help you, and we are willing to offer our knowledge and experience.

The AWDC sponsors a grant program. At this time we are awarding grants for single purpose narcotics detection dogs, the handler school, and certification. Please visit our grants page for information, and to fill out an online application.

We will be publishing training articles soon, and we encourage any member of the AWDC to submit their articles as well. We are currently working on a Drug Interdiction Certification for handlers and Interdiction officers.



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Narcotics Certification Standards
Explosives Certification Standards
Patrol Certification Standards
Tracking Certification Standards
Bloodhound Certification Standards


We are also looking for certification officials.

In Memory of Marty Martin, we miss you brother.

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