Sony reveals the PS4: New controller, 8GB RAM, doesn’t play PS3 discs and more


Sony took the stage at their 2013 Playstation Meeting in New York this afternoon and did what everyone thought they would do. They revealed the Playstation 4.

Sony revealed that the console will have 8GB GGDR5 RAM. That’s 176GB/s. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 is said to be running in real-time on the new hardware. The PS4 controller will be called Dual Shock 4. The Dual Shock 4 has that rumored “Share” button that allows you upload photos or videos to a Playstation Social Network.

One of the first games was what looks like a stylized action platformer called Knack.

Gaikai will be coming to the PS Network and will allow PS4 users to try a demo from the Store without downloading anything. Simply press the X button and begin a trial.

Digital titles will be playable while they are being downloaded, a neat innovative feature that I didn’t expect. Other streaming options will allow users to spectate others playthroughs or even ask a friend to complete a level for you via the internet instantly.

Sony says that they want every PS4 title to be playable on the PS Vita via Remote Play. I highly doubt that considering how many buttons the Vita lacks in comparison to the PS4 controller.

Sony confirms that PS3 games aren’t ‘natively supported’ by the PS4 but say the Gaikai will allow PS3 games to be streamed to the console.

Guerilla Games, as predicted by us, debuted Killzone Shadow Fall, a new PS4 game.

We’ll update with more details on the hardware as they become available.

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Written by Kevin Femmel

Kevin Femmel

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