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Surf Sports

Surf Sports is an integral part of surf lifesaving

Encompassing all different disciplines, we have a comprehensive framework of training and support for everyone from kids competing in Tip Top Junior Surf through to adults and masters.

Simulated rescues help prepare members for real events

A network of competitions at local, regional and national level offers athletes the chance to meet, compete and enhance their lifesaving skills.

Surf Sports involves a number of disciplines, including surf swimming, board paddling, surf ski, beach flags, beach sprint, Ironman, surf canoe, surf boat and Inflatable Rescue Boats (IRB), some of which can be participated in from as early as age 7.

Athletes of all ages compete

Athletes from age 7-13 participate in Surf Sports through the Junior Surf programme. Once an athlete has turned 14 and attained their Surf Lifeguard Award they can then compete at Surf Sports Events.

Competition provides an environment for surf lifeguards, coaches, team managers and officials to develop through opportunities such as courses, seminars, camps and tours.


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