A dark curse has fallen upon Skywind! Defeat darkness and bring back the light as you explore colorful lands, battle dozens of enemies and complete quests in this casual “tap adventure” RPG.

    Travel through cursed magical landscapes, tapping the land with your wand to lift the shadows. Discover hundreds of helpful objects to help destroy enemies. Spread light across map after map to acquire mana, spell ingredients, and gems that will help you overcome the forces of darkness.

    But look out! Menacing enemies lurk amongst the shadows. You’ll have to mix magical ingredients and unlock powerful spells to defeat them. Hurry! Only a master wizardling can release Skywind from the grips of darkness.

    WizardlingsTM is an RPG adventure offering hours of spellbinding play:

    - Explore over 50 breathtaking landscapes
    - Discover dozens of magical ingredients
    - Collect hundreds of valuable treasures
    - Accumulate powerful wands and master 50 spells across five elements: Water, Fire, Charge, Wind, and Holy
    - Encounter dozens of different enemies
    - Embark on fun and adventurous quests like feeding hungry unicorns, battling blazing wildfires, saving pixies, and much more



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