Original Final Fantasy now available in Google Play

Final Fantasy III on Google PlayBlack mages, it's time to put on your robe and wizard hat. The original Final Fantasy is now on sale in Google Play, offering the same turn-based combat and high fantasy as the classic with fresh graphics. 

Final Fantasy isn't quite as aggressive as Final Fantasy III was with pricing, but $6.99 may still be more than you're used to paying. Of course, when it comes to nostalgia, sometimes money is no object. Any old-school gamers excited to get back into the first Final Fantasy?

Download: Final Fantasy ($6.99)


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Meh, $4.99 seems about the right price point for a mobile game, no matter how in-depth the content is.

I would have no problem paying a small amount for games like this however $7 for a game that came out in the 80's?? Funny enough this was the very first video game I ever purchased for the NES and to this day it's one of my favorites.

Honestly Square is just trying to jack people for a game they know should be $2.99 max.

friedchicken says:

Yup. Game is probably worth $3 max but shit, i'll pay double for it. I paid $15 for the ff3 even though I have it on the DS

calibur says:

Just noticed the background is of FF6.

7 bucks isn't that bad of a price. I played FF3 on the DS and I couldn't get pass a certain stage cause I ran out of the limited "phoenix down" and was unable to back away to retrain.

I may consider in using my Google Play Credit for this.

Simon Sage says:

Good eye! FF3 (6) was the only one I ever really got into. Original SNES games are awesome on the big screen. :)

dakidd says:

I agree...square needs to come down on the prices....that's a Lil extra...

So long as I get more than an hour of entertainment and there are no in-game purchases required to win, I think it's a fair price.

abendugo says:

The worlds fastest person beat it in five days and 24 hours. This guy must have been going off no sleep lol.

msgnyc says:

so... he beat it in 6 day? o_O?

JEvoUser says:

Give me FF7 and I'll pay $20 for it. I think that's fair since the PS1 greatest hit version was $20 before they stopped selling them on disc.

d3c509b says:

I was going to make this exact comment.

I will give then $20 for a mobile FF7

Spazmonic says:

Yup! I would through exuberance amounts of money at the screen and scream take it, JUST TAKE IT!!!

dskwerl says:

The price is a little steep, but it's definitely one of my favorite classic NES games. I'd buy it if it went on sale.

Gigadafud says:

Let me know when they come out with FF3, the US version and FF7 as stated by JEvoUser and I would take the plunge.

paulcle says:

Yeah, like the previous post stated...it IS out and available through the Play Store. Did I mention it costs a whopping $16?

Speedstr says:

I'm curious. Since FF1 is one quarter the size of FF3, shouldn't it be at least one quarter the price?

Gigadafud says:

No that is the Japanese version of FF3. The US version of FF3 was more of like the Japanese 3,4,5 in one game if I remember correctly.

msgnyc says:

The US Final Fantasy 3 was actually Final Fantasy 6.
Best in the franchise IMHO.

Moo Cow says:

For what it's worth...

The original Final Fantasy was released in both Japan and the US.

Final Fantasy II Japan --> Originally wasn't released.
Final Fantasy III Japan --> Originally wasn't released.
Final Fantasy IV Japan --> Final Fantasy II US (and the US version was watered down.)
Final Fantasy V Japan --> Originally wasn't released.
Final Fantasy VI Japan --> Final Fantasy III US.

Starting with FFVII, all FFs have been released everywhere. And as time has passed over the years, we've seen those older Japan-only FFs re-released.

stockkid07 says:

FF3 is already out.

This is just another crap IOS port, that it itself was a port of a PSP game. The freaking game doesn't even fit on our screens (the call of shitty IOS ports) with black bars on both sides. Seven bucks and it isn't even a good port job.

Spartoi says:

Judging by the comments, it seems this will be another game on Android with an unbelievably high piracy rate because Android users can't afford $7.

Personally I feel like $5 is what this game should sell for, but I will most likely still pick it up for $7.

JEvoUser says:

+1 Spartoi
I hope not because it's people who pirate apps that make developers less likely to want to make quality games without in app purchases. I well gladly pay more for apps as long as it doesn't have market billing permission (meaning in app purchases). Especially when developers bust their butts to bring us awesome 3D games. Same goes for movies TV and music. I read comments from people on some of the TV series I've purchased in the play store complaining how it is free to watch on TV and it's like no it's not idiot your pay for cable don't you. So I hope people realize that pirating stuff makes you a cheap thief with very few exceptions like redownloading music, movies and other stuff you may have already purchased and lost.

ballistic90 says:

I dunno, am I the only one that's just bored with Final Fantasy in general? I haven't played a new one that I've liked in a long time, and I've played the old ones over and over enough already.

jbr05ki says:

Does this game sync saves for multiple devices?

I was wondering this as well.

jbr05ki says:

Only one way to find out I guess....

dakidd says:

I know I complained a few post earlier but I just broke down and purchased it dam you square

I saw FF6 in the background and totally got my hopes up. FF6 was the best one by far. I can emulate it and all, but a native controls would be nice.

This is the FF1 from the original Game Boy Advance. The pic is the real game, not FF3. :)

edejon says:

I LOVE Android, and I LOVE my Galaxy Nexus, but I HATE how cheap and petty most (not all) Android users are. PC games/console games have always been between $30 to $50, even back in the day of the original NES. Android users are actually complaining about paying <$10 for a decent game....that is pathetic. I love it even more when I see people complaining about a game that costs $3, or $2, or even 99 friggin cents. Do ANY of you "non" developers have even a remote idea of the work that goes into developing a simple graphical game -- which isn't even close to the work of developing, or porting a game like Final Fantasy?!?! It is EXTREMELY difficult and time consuming. You complain about the price, and then you 1* an update because there was a bug or it was a day late. Those of you who are like this, which is a good majority of the Android user base are pathetic, petty, selfish people. It is time for you to grow up and start caring about something other than yourselves. And NO, I am NOT a developer -- just an Android user who realizes why Android gets a bad name for how idiotic the majority of their user base is with respect to applications -- it is like you THINK you deserve something, which you don't.

necorbin says:

I could not agree MORE... I for one bought it as SOON as I noticed it in the Google Play Store this morning. I bought FF3 as soon as I saw it, and am about halfway through it. Even if it IS an iPhone port, it looks just as good, if not better than most of the games on Android, and has kept my attention for hours. I'm hoping Square Enix releases the rest of their RPGs that they have on iPhone, and more. In my opinion 8.99 is a great price for this one, and $15.99 is a great price for FF3. It's definitely comments like the ones in the previous posts that hold back major developers from supporting Android.

Ryanalan82i says:

Lol, hasn't anyone heard of emulators? I don't have this but I will a bit later for the emulator , but I play ff7 all the time and have for a couple yrs. Fpse is the best for ps1, and for all the rest get them from yongh in the slide me market. I have every game I ever played from the time frame of Atari to n64. This is not worth $7. I'd say it's worth paying for if they porting something like FF10. Our phones could run a ported version but not even close to emulating ps2. Maybe we could see something like that in the upcoming Sony game market,(forget what it's called).

abendugo says:

Call me a nerd but I looked at the grafics of the screen shots and compared them to the rom and it looks like the colors have a nicer shade to them. As if it was redone or somthing. Any though?

Is there a way to backup save games? I wipe my devices frequently, which makes gaming basically pointless for me.

llamaism says:

Costs ¥800 here, which is about $10. Not complaining about the price, just about the difference in price.

Spazmonic says:

Why is it big in the back, why is it big. I want to know. I want to do that. TELL ME!!!

descendency says:

If this were a brand new game (even with the nostalgic graphics), I could see $7, but not for a game that I already played 30 years ago.

Sloppy iOS port. Barely takes up 50% of my N7 screen. Bought it, played it for a minute and refunded it. You want my $7? I want a real port.