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This is a complete listing of all the files in the Sony Playstation 2 directory, as of November 16, 2011 at 9:45 PM EST.
There are 805 midi files in the Sony Playstation 2 directory.

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Sprite Ocarina 179 bytes Myself Info
Theme Of Aqua Capital Mac Anu 9024 bytes Del Sander Info
Innis 86441 bytes Darkholy Sephiro Info
Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies
Blockade 54653 bytes Wolfe2x7 Info
Ape Escape 3
Fantasy Knight Theme 28340 bytes Soniro Info
Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits
Offense and Defense 73072 bytes Blue_Nocturne Info
Atelier Iris 2: Azoth of Destiny
Under a Small Roof 4114 bytes Roxas Info
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana
Cute Witch 11750 bytes Catmaster Info
Ferocious Drive 38285 bytes Catmaster Info
Forest Of Innocence 32358 bytes Catmaster Info
Kavoc - Town Where Bell Chimes 24913 bytes Catmaster Info
Revelation - Kavoc Church 2375 bytes Catmaster Info
Shopping in Kavoc 7114 bytes LostSamurai Info
Sleep Break 599 bytes Roxas Info
The Alkavana Knights 7792 bytes Catmaster Info
The Bullfight (Alkavana Knights Battle) 11414 bytes Catmaster Info
Travelling Companion 1119 bytes Catmaster Info
Houkiboshi 47874 bytes Younha Info
Breath of Fire 5 - Dragon Quarter
Banquet of Victory 22391 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Central Ministry Area 35664 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Crazy Mind 61903 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Fleeting Joy 47363 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Nothing to Regret 47915 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Time of Reunion 8058 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Trinity Pit 2710 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Burnout 2
Track 15 54353 bytes Psyrgery Info
Capcom Vs. SNK 2
London Stage (True Love Makin') 52553 bytes Mr. Teabags Info
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
Cordova Town 19420 bytes efin Info
Garibaldi Temple 20466 bytes Converse Info
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
Leons Theme - "Lament of Innocence" 96212 bytes jnizzy Info
Clock Tower 3
Time of Confrontation 15279 bytes Zachary J. Palmer Info
Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
Weathering Heights 26138 bytes Lars E. Mou. Info
Wizards and Lizards 32397 bytes Joseph Della Ventura Info
Crash Twinsanity
Boss Theme: Mechabandicoot 13097 bytes Logan812 Info
Boss Theme: Uka Uka 15237 bytes Logan812 Info
Crash Amberly 16378 bytes Yomendou Info
N.Sanity Isle (Instrumental) 29208 bytes Paper_Luigi Info
Rockside Rumble 37627 bytes Rexy Info
Theme Song 58866 bytes Rexy Info
Dance Dance Revolution 6th MIX
Healing Vision (Angelic Mix) 37951 bytes Joseph Genin Info
Dance Dance Revolution Extreme
Edit Mode 7195 bytes drumnbach Info
Dance Dance Revolution Max 2
Ghosts 21510 bytes Asa Lothario Info
Ghosts (Vincent De Moore Remix) 24599 bytes Zach Jones Info
Dark Cloud
Broken Promise (Orgel Version) 2048 bytes Moonlight Info
Brownboo Village 23307 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Brownboo Village (2) 83473 bytes Moonlight Info
Departure 29691 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Divine Beast Cave 15158 bytes Anthony White Info
Divine Beast Dran 19497 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Introduction 2014 bytes MoonlightWarrior Info
Main Theme 42615 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Main Theme (Bossa Nova Version) 37190 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Matataki Village 4889 bytes Anthony White Info
Memories 2930 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Moon Sea 21864 bytes Anthony White Info
Moon Sea (2) 11373 bytes Master Jaken Info
Music Box (Arranged) 1892 bytes Michael Freezeland Info
Queens 12401 bytes Sevon Info
Queens (2) 17295 bytes Anthony White Info
Reminiscence 2674 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
The Daily Life 10234 bytes Kenton Alkemi Info
The Daily Life (2) 7824 bytes Moonlight Info
The King's Curse 27861 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
The Spirit King 7694 bytes Prince Taurus Info
Two Moons 21680 bytes Rhadamanthus Info
Dark Cloud 2
Balance Valley 4501 bytes Sean Phillips Info
Balance Valley (2) 7197 bytes Zagro Info
Balance Valley (3) 55588 bytes Mary Info
Battle 26000 bytes Zagro Info
Battle in the Dark 12651 bytes Zagro Info
Boss Battle - "Battle for the Future" 25195 bytes Prince Taurus Info
Boss Battle - "Battle for the Future" (2) 20204 bytes Zagro Info
Carnival Night 10420 bytes Zagro Info
Clown Robo Battle - "Halloween" 16769 bytes Zagro Info
Dark Genie Battle - "Demon" 50052 bytes Zagro Info
Death - "Losing Consciousness" 1828 bytes Zagro Info
Dr. Jaming 37245 bytes Zagro Info
Flame Demon Monster Gaspard 22625 bytes Zagro Info
Flower Garden 5678 bytes Zagro Info
Flying Warship Death-Arc 16227 bytes Zagro Info
Garden of Memories 5889 bytes Zagro Info
Gundor Volcano Grotto 13388 bytes Zagro Info
Gundorada Workshop 26650 bytes Zagro Info
Heim Rada 3725 bytes Zagro Info
Intro - "An Endless Adventure" 27503 bytes Zagro Info
Level Clear - "Peace of the World" 8537 bytes Prince Taurus Info
Level Clear - "Peace of the World" (2) 9586 bytes Zagro Info
Lighthouse Battle - "Fire Close In On The Lighthouse" 21094 bytes Zagro Info
Lunatic Wisdom Laboratory 12536 bytes Zagro Info
Menu 8388 bytes Zagro Info
Palm Brinks 8033 bytes Sevon Info
Palm Brinks (2) 5972 bytes Zagro Info
Palm Brinks (3) 2910 bytes Terry Baldwin Info
Rainbow Butterfly Woods 10665 bytes Prince Taurus Info
Shop 11656 bytes Sevon Info
Shop (2) 10735 bytes Zagro Info
Starlight Valley 14833 bytes Zagro Info
Tree Spirit Jurak 9899 bytes Zagro Info
Underground Water Channel 9088 bytes Prince Taurus Info
Underground Water Channel (2) 9535 bytes Zagro Info
Veniccio 20166 bytes Zagro Info
Zelmite Mines 13220 bytes Luke Dutschke Info
Devil May Cry
Hotter Than Hell 158768 bytes Ayahito Info
Seeds of Love 2416 bytes ShantMan Info
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7
Wild Pack 84562 bytes Oath of Obscurity Info
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
Episode 8 - "Akaitsuki (Red Moon)" 4244 bytes CoolKidCoco Info
Main Theme 4325 bytes Psyrgery Info
Red Moon 808 bytes JJokerDude Info
Dragon Quest VIII
Quiet Village 19163 bytes Ivor Evilen Info
Reminiscence 16576 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Dynasty Warriors 3
Hu Lao Gate - Jump Into the Battlefield 21501 bytes Kameha Strife X Info
Hu Lao Gate - Jump Into the Battlefield (2) 65358 bytes REDsg Info
Jump Into Battle - Sacred Ground: Hu Lao Gate to Final Level 41743 bytes Kameha Strife X Info
Killing Time 20054 bytes REDsg Info
Lu Bu's Theme 12617 bytes Malachi Info
Lu Bu's Theme (Oriental Remix) 17371 bytes Kameha Strife X Info
Opression 15873 bytes REDsg Info
Superior (v1.1) 39055 bytes Tida X Info
The Forcefield 17317 bytes REDsg Info
Theme 12315 bytes REDsg Info
Dynasty Warriors 4
Heavy Gauge 39425 bytes GyanaRen Info
Dynasty Warriors 5
Run Run Run 29057 bytes Fabian Acuna Info
Escape From Monkey Island
Star Buccaneers Coffee Shop 16344 bytes Musaeus Caseus Info
The Palace Of Prostheses 15675 bytes Peter Silk Info
The Transmogrification School For Pirates 11973 bytes Peter Silk Info
Espgaluda (Japan)
Huge Battleship Eriniesu 52254 bytes Tom Miller Info
Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly
Chou 12718 bytes Diana Info
Final Fantasy X
Al Bhed Tribe's Chi 15358 bytes Info
Assault 156532 bytes Info
Assault (2) 63665 bytes Chris Ng Info
At Zanarkand 4010 bytes Mister_FF Info
Attack! 64251 bytes Info
Attack! (2) 56834 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Auron's Theme 22609 bytes Matt Furda Info
Auron's Theme (2) 52044 bytes ComicMasterX Info
Battle 33758 bytes Info
Battle (2) 34512 bytes Info
Battle (3) 36034 bytes Rob Diaz-Marino Info
Battle (4) 28961 bytes Gyana Ren Info
Battle (5) 39140 bytes Freddie Info
Battle (6) 29178 bytes Stacy Anne Christiansen Info
Battle (7) 47240 bytes Myself Info
Battle (8) 22811 bytes andrian Info
Battle (9) 44041 bytes Water_Bender Info
Battle-extreme 30893 bytes RPGMaster2003 Info
Besaid Island 30024 bytes William Brosi Info
Blitz Ball Gamblers 38619 bytes Info
Blitz Ball Gamblers (2) 66139 bytes Myself... who else? Info
Blitz Off 54421 bytes Info
Brave Advancement 18953 bytes Info
Brave Advancement (Monster Arena) 21469 bytes Info
City of Dying Dreams - Twilight 39502 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Cloisters of Trials 10429 bytes Info
Cloisters of Trials (2) 11285 bytes Specterzero Info
Cloisters of Trials (3) 8683 bytes Michael Murphy Info
Cloisters of Trials (4) 23845 bytes Info
Cloisters of Trials (5) 17479 bytes Keibee Info
Cloisters of Trials (6) 23004 bytes Myself Info
Dead People Smile 14934 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Decisive Battle 42619 bytes Info
Ending 6452 bytes CowWong Info
Ending (Piano) 7834 bytes Angel_FF Info
Ending Theme (2) (v1.1) 32618 bytes Wincy Cheung Info
Enemy Attack 36242 bytes Info
Enemy Attack (Boss) 16215 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Enemy Attack (Boss) (2) 21378 bytes Chris Ng Info
Game Over 1841 bytes Info
Hopeless Desire 20833 bytes Squaresound Info
Hopeless Desire (2) (v1.1) 16303 bytes Michael Murphy Info
Hopeless Desire (3) 11588 bytes Myself Info
Hurry! 27618 bytes HAL9000 Info
Hurry! (2) 56768 bytes Spark Info
Hurry! (3) 100610 bytes Ian Bennett Info
Hurry! (4) 36551 bytes Myself Info
Hurry! (Jazz Remix) 27331 bytes Nathaniel Lind Info
Hymn of the Fayth 1004 bytes Info
Hymn of the Fayth (2) 1572 bytes Nat Arnold Info
Hymn of the Fayth (3) 940 bytes Lord Ravage Info
Hymn of the Fayth (4) 4942 bytes Info
I Can Fly 2811 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Luca 27071 bytes Info
Lulu's Theme 27176 bytes solis Info
Mi'Ihen Highway 20009 bytes Info
Monster Arena 8398 bytes Andrian Hidayat Info
Mount Gagazet 91581 bytes Info
Mount Gagazet (2) 33229 bytes Info
Mount Gagazet (3) 15793 bytes Dermot Mac Flannchaidh Info
Mount Gagazet (4) 17393 bytes Myself Info
My Father's Murderer 26619 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Otherworld 11956 bytes Info
Otherworld (2) 17725 bytes Jimbobber Info
Otherworld (Arranged) 50393 bytes Nick Harris Info
Path Of Repentance 6401 bytes Info
Path Of Repentance (2) 6849 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Place of Ordeals 15102 bytes Michael Murphy Info
Revealed Truth 2927 bytes CowWong Info
Revealed Truth (2) 3893 bytes Chris Jackley Info
Rikku 9981 bytes Sammy J. Molinaro Info
Rikku's Theme 14002 bytes Phillip Haynes Info
Rikku's Theme (2) 23327 bytes Info
Seymour Battle 61636 bytes Trunks_nz2000 Info
Seymour Battle (2) 60741 bytes Info
Seymour Battle (3) 59999 bytes Zach Jones Info
Seymour Battle (Black Mages Remix) 71688 bytes luckydragon7288 Info
Seymour Battle (Piano Remix) 29242 bytes Jason Howell Info
Seymour's Ambition 57940 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Seymour's Theme 15153 bytes Info
Sight of Spira 16202 bytes J.T Info
Silence Before the Storm 17703 bytes Info
Silence Before the Storm (2) 20403 bytes Dermot Mac Flannchaidh Info
Someday the Dream Will End 21072 bytes Info
Someday the Dream Will End (2) 15061 bytes Dermot Mac Flannchaidh Info
Spira Blitzball Arena 48102 bytes Info
Sprouting 36264 bytes Info
Summoned 33731 bytes Info
Summoned Beast Battle 87833 bytes Info
Summoned Beast Battle (2) 47880 bytes Chris Ng Info
Summoned Beast Battle (3) (v0.2) 145798 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Suteki Da Ne 79291 bytes JeffreyAtW Info
Suteki Da Ne (2) 13493 bytes KT Info
Suteki Da Ne (3) 24685 bytes Water_Bender Info
Suteki Da Ne (Arranged) 8622 bytes Mikisum Info
Suteki Da Ne (Arranged) (2) 4878 bytes Mikisum Info
Suteki Da Ne (Arranged) (3) 41048 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Suteki Da Ne (Orchestrated) 134308 bytes Bryan Bilocura Info
Suteki Da Ne (Orchestrated) (2) 42553 bytes Mike Storey Info
Suteki Da Ne (Orchestrated) (3) 26947 bytes Myself Info
The Prelude 15535 bytes Gyana Ren Info
The Prelude (2) 10803 bytes K0HIJIN Info
The Prelude (Disco Mix) 72590 bytes Paul Soh Info
This Is Your Story 2114 bytes CowWong Info
Thunder Plateau 6472 bytes Info
Thunder Plateau (2) 13263 bytes J.T Info
Thunder Plateau (3) 19096 bytes Myself Info
Thunder Plateau (4) 14400 bytes K0HIJIN Info
Thunder Plateau (Arranged) 64014 bytes Seth Brown, also known as SquareTex Info
To the Ends of the Abyss 31000 bytes Dermot Mac Flannchaidh Info
To Zanarkand 4488 bytes JeffreyAtW Info
To Zanarkand (2) 3248 bytes Chris Draenos Info
To Zanarkand (3) 9175 bytes David Moore Info
To Zanarkand (4) 4670 bytes Dermot Mac Flannchaidh Info
To Zanarkand (5) 2631 bytes Alan Macon Info
To Zanarkand (6) 40610 bytes bryan121 Info
To Zanarkand (7) 3287 bytes Riley Info
To Zanarkand (Arranged) 32768 bytes Jeff Tipps Info
To Zanarkand (Band Remix) (v2.0) 5509 bytes Riley Info
To Zanarkand (Remix) 6887 bytes Zankar Info
To Zanarkand (Strange Remix) 13146 bytes PjR Info
Victory Fanfare 56309 bytes Josh Barfield Info
Victory Fanfare (XG) 56309 bytes Josh Barfield Info
Wandering Flame 5679 bytes Info
Wandering Flame (2) 2188 bytes Mallow Info
Welcoming of Maika Elder Sage 34477 bytes Info
Yuna's Theme 8714 bytes Info
Final Fantasy X-2
1000 Words (Arranged) 12749 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
1000 Words (Arranged) (2) 29776 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
1000 Words (FFX-2 Mix) 79726 bytes Shuyin Info
1000 Words (v1.2) 48154 bytes Bennett Teav Info
Anything Goes for Leblanc 8027 bytes GameboyKnight Info
Besaid Island 11055 bytes HAL9000 Info
Besaid Island (2) 8884 bytes Chris Ng Info
Besaid Island (Arranged) 11051 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves" 8712 bytes Ko.yK Info
Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves" (2) 10458 bytes HAL9000 Info
Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves" (3) 8602 bytes Mike Storey Info
Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves" (Arranged) 11469 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Eternity - "Memories of Light and Waves" (Arranged) (2) 6734 bytes Lee McNamara Info
Eternity: Band Version 15902 bytes HAL9000 Info
Gullwings Helping House 18756 bytes HAL9000 Info
Gullwings Sphere Hunters 37398 bytes HAL9000 Info
Leblanc's Battle 17327 bytes Kirye Sakata Info
Leblanc's Battle (2) 38828 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Real Emotion 163944 bytes Info
Real Emotion (2) 78333 bytes Blue_Nocturne Info
Rikku's Theme (Vocal Remix) 106781 bytes Phillip Haynes Info
Shuyin's Theme 63458 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Yuna's Ballad 8906 bytes Bryan Bilocura Info
Yuna's Ballad (Arranged) 18513 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Yuna's Ballad (Arranged) (2) 14716 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Yuna's Theme 35124 bytes Alex Info
Yuripa Battle 29402 bytes Info
Yuripa Battle (2) 76833 bytes ian Info
Final Fantasy XI
Airship 24885 bytes Kago Info
Anxiety 10626 bytes Kago Info
Assault - "Rapid Onslaught" 44817 bytes Kago Info
Battle with Shadow Lord - "Awakening" 63725 bytes Kago Info
Bon Dance 12106 bytes Kago Info
Christmas in Jeuno 56258 bytes Kago Info
Despair 41289 bytes Yar Kramer Info
Dungeon Party Battle - "Battle in the Dungeon #2" 18858 bytes VaL Info
Dungeon Party Battle - "Battle in the Dungeon #2" (2) 41551 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Gustaberg 34478 bytes Kago Info
Jeweled Boughs 45061 bytes Kago Info
Mhaura 21404 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Opening 99205 bytes Kago Info
Recollection 11437 bytes Kago Info
Recollection (Guitar Arrangement) 22328 bytes Kago Info
Republic of Bastok 63376 bytes Info
Rolanberry Fields 10510 bytes Kago Info
Ronfaure 60896 bytes Info
Sarutabaruta 12375 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Solo Field Battle - "Battle #1" 23994 bytes Gyana Ren Info
Sorrow 10439 bytes Kago Info
Tarutaru Male 11750 bytes Kago Info
The Colosseum 45510 bytes Kago Info
The Federation of Windurst 44986 bytes Kago Info
The Kingdom of San d'Oria 33966 bytes Black_Wing Info
Vana'diel March 59342 bytes Kago Info
Vana'diel Tribune 55498 bytes Kago Info
Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia
Boss Battle - "Turmoil" 47220 bytes Kago Info
Conflict - "You Want to Live Forever?" 45910 bytes Kago Info
Currents of Time 28019 bytes Kago Info
Faded Memories - Promyvion 33345 bytes Kago Info
Happily Ever After 24307 bytes Kago Info
Onslaught 43617 bytes Kago Info
Solo Battle - "Depths of the Soul" 43057 bytes Kago Info
Third Ode 4317 bytes Kago Info
Final Fantasy XI: Rise of the Zilart
Altepa Desert 13693 bytes Brian Bailey Info
Boss Battle - "Tough Battle #2" 52221 bytes Kago Info
Dash de Chocobo 93838 bytes Kago Info
Grav'iton 9747 bytes Kago Info
Hall of the Gods 8305 bytes Kago Info
Norg 38117 bytes Kago Info
The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah 18549 bytes Kago Info
Wedding 8863 bytes Kago Info
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Bustle of the Capital 57018 bytes Kago Info
Fated Strife - "Besieged" 31782 bytes Kago Info
Final Fantasy XII
A Moment's Rest 4430 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Ashe's Theme (in-game Part 1) 12743 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Ashe's Theme (in-game Part 2) 8667 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Boss Battle 42916 bytes Tyler Summers Info
Chocobo 15619 bytes Chinroku_sama Info
Clan Headquarters 25709 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Dalmasca Estersands 76431 bytes JeffreyAtW Info
Desperate Battle 24901 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Destiny 10393 bytes Ace Info
Eruyt Village 14206 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Final Battle - "Esper" 62670 bytes Marlin Exton Info
Final Battle - "Esper" (2) 50667 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Game Over 930 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Giza Plains 53811 bytes Michael Murphy Info
Kiss Me Goodbye 48457 bytes Arnold Morrison Info
Lowtown 18603 bytes Tylers Summers Info
Ozmone Plain 14927 bytes Tyler Summers Info
Salikawood 18709 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Salikawood (GS) 18713 bytes Thomash Lee Info
Secret Practice 18895 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Seeking Power 50589 bytes Michael Murphy Info
Speechless Fight 38799 bytes Tyler Summers Info
The Beginning Of the End 44783 bytes Thomash Lee Info
The Royal City of Rabanastre 57980 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
The Stillshrine of Miriam 7545 bytes Thomash Lee Info
To The Place Of The Gods 18190 bytes Thomas Christensen Info
Front Mission 5: Scars of the War
Memoria Ferita 556 bytes Thomash Lee Info

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