We've heard your cries for more information on FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS and we're here to deliver. We're pleased to announce that FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS will get a simultaneous worldwide release of 31st August 2012 on iOS and Android. To top it off we've got 9 brand new screenshots for you to enjoy.












FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS is delivered as episodic content. The prologue will be free for everyone to enjoy. You can purchase the first chapter for $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.39, chapters 2-4 for $9.99 / £6.99 / €7.99 each, or the entire collection of chapters for $28.99 / £19.99 / €22.99.


Update [05/09/2012]: We regret to inform you that there was a mistake in the above blog post. FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS was only released on Android in Japan. It is coming to Europe but unfortunately we don't have a release date for you yet. We'll update the blog nearer the time. Apologies for any of our fans that we've disappointed.


Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone



I think you are looking at Final Fantasy III which was released on July 4th, 2012.... Still eagerly awaiting release data on EU/NA info, but everything has been silent, FB, Twitter, Ben, etc... Hopefully 100k+ purchases of III on Google Play helps spur this along for the EU/NA market.

@Ben Bateman:

Any updated info on release?
I found it on the Droid market..
The release date stats 04 July 2012 on Play Now, and I saw reviews from Android phones since July too..
Cost $19.98 on the Android market.
@Ben stil no mention about Android release outside Japan? :(
@ stil no mention about Android release outside Japan? :(
Update [05/09/2012]: We regret to inform you that there was a mistake in the above blog post. FINAL FANTASY DIMENSIONS was only released on Android in Japan. It is coming to Europe but unfortunately we don't have a release date for you yet. We'll update the blog nearer the time. Apologies for any of our fans that we've disappointed.
do i enjoy the FF series? Yes, do i like to be part Of EU that get a RAW deal from Devs & SCEE? NO

and others the same did you hear ross from SCEE had left jawad was given a holiday with over 1000 commets 2nd week running, do i enjoy given C R A P like the rest of EU **** No.

1 thing You or others can't accuse me as a buttkissing Fanboy.

i will let my mum know to look for the sound button though ^_-
@alistair6969 - You have to be kidding me... the prologue will have come with music & sound effects.. mine did... you may want to check the sound button on the ipad itself rather than the in-game volumes.

Also, the £6.99 item you can purchase is a group of other music - not a required purchase but it is awesome to have the choice.

Don't be complaining about something so rashly - wouldn't you think others may have mentioned a sound problem if there was one?

It seems all you ever do is complain about Square Enix.. can I ask if you are even a fan of Final Fantasy or if you just enjoy moaning?
i download the the prologue on my mam Ipad-2.

Why is there No sound effects & no music.

UI cant belive we have You SE do this scandal we have to pay £6.99 for put music & sound effects on when music & sound effects should be they by default like all over games.

Disgraceful SE not 1 f ing pence you get from me.

before you say it i look on the config menu to say if music is on the music volume is showing at Max volume. :(
So when is this being released for Android? Any update would be appreciated? Thanks
Where was it originally stated that it was coming out worldwide? Seems odd to have such misinformation since E3. I hope it gets an Android release soon, I've really been looking forward to it. I would even play the Japanese version, but when I try to play it on Square Enix Market, I get a Japanese message stating that my device is incompatible with their service. :(
Ahh, never mind, posted that a little bit too late.
Dimensions IS available on the iOS App Store, however, I cannot find Dimensions on Google Play, and I've tried both my tablet and my phone. @Ben, is it going on Google Play today or is it being delayed?
Regarding the Android release, I checked the press release and it confirmed the date was the 31st. Unfortunately it's only been released on Android in Japan and I've yet to get an update on when you can expect it in Europe. When I receive any new information I'll let you know. Sorry to disappoint you.
Hey guys, sorry for the delay. We discovered an issue when the app was put online. You should be able to download and play the prologue but not the additional chapters. We're sorry about this issue, it was totally unexpected. Japan is working hard to resolve it ASAP!
uhh its not on the app stoe either
It's not on the android market!!! Wasn't that supposed to be released today? It seems to be out on the apple store...
@Mako_Ayoka Yeah Demensions is a whole new game.
Is FF Dimensions a whole new game, or is it a remake of the old FFs?
@Squall_Leonhart there is a anounnce recently for TWEWY "CHECK IT" .
You've lost a loyal fan, Square Enix. Not because of this, but because of the TWEWY iOS remake. There's no TWEWY page to discuss it, but seriously, creating a website with a 7 day timer to announce a new version of a game that's already out? You wanted everyone to think it was TWEWY 2 so everyone got excited for nothing and told everyone about it. Hurting your fans, just to create some publicity.

I stood by you through all the **** you've done before, but this is too much. You can't hurt your loyal fans to create attention, that's not how it works. I'm really glad that you're going to make money from one-time customers, but next time, can you think of your long term fans who would buy a lot of games from you?

Only way you'll get me back is if you announce The World Ends With You 2. I'm sure you don't care for me, because I'm one person. You're going to make a lot more money short term from this, I hope it was worth losing some loyal fans over.

Yours sincerely, an ex-loyal fan of Square Enix.
Hey Ben, I know this is totally unrelated, and I'm pretty sure you won't be able to answer me back, but if you can, please tell me this:

Will we be getting "The World Ends With You - Solo Remix-" on the European App Store? The game is now available on the Japanese and US App stores, and yet there's no word on an european release.

Can you please update us on this? Here's the link to the official website, for those who are not aware of what I'm talking about:

I'm probably only complaining about price since it's only on Android and IOS. Perhaps you could release it on the E-shop for 3DS and the PSVita store, I would be more willing to buy it then. Mobile gaming drives me crazy!

And what's with all the spam recently? No one wants to buy your stuff! :D
my question is well FFD be on Ipad2 this friday i know Ipad2 got FFT & FF3 so i guess yes Right. ^_^
i see nothing wrong with the price if you buy each 1, 3 times at £6.99 plus chapter 1 at £1.99 it well over 20 quid so you buy a bundle for £19.99 saves you money.

if you want a expensive game if you have a wii & got the FF4 after years the prologue was not free and all episode bought cost you just on or less then 40 quid.
why make it for touch devises? there are no real buttons on them, make it for ps3 and vita
Give it to me!!
But Square Enix, You seriously need to bring the price down
maybe $20AUD?
Everyone will play the prologue, few the others. It's obvious to look at the market before developing a game, and that price is foolish. FFDimensions should have been on DS / PSP or 3DS / Vita.
Really Square-Enix? I'm not gonna pay that much for a stupid mobile game, release it for PSP or something like that on a physical media and I'll pay more than that but i'm not gonna pay that much for something digital and for that kind of "gaming device", Final Fantasy or not. Don't worry though, i'm still gonna find a way to play it, i'm just not gonna give you any money for it, sorry...
funny you said about prices being too expensive i saw a game on Ipad2 it was worm 2-A the price was just 69p the PSN of it cost alot more but then i saw FFT-wotL for PSP cheaper on PSP but expensive on Ipad. :O
I disagree that just because a game is on iOS platforms that that means it has to be cheap.

The price of iOS games should reflect their quality.
@synergeticink How can you call a game rubbish if you have never played it before? And what you see as **** a lot of people might like.

But yeah I do agree with you that it is quite over priced for a mobile platform. It seems to me that just because it has the name 'Final Fantasy' in it, you think you can charge ridiculous prices for it.
So sick of SquareEnix releasing **** games....Remake the games everyone wants remade...and stop making sequels to **** games...and if your going to dive in to the Android market and charge outrages prices for your games at least release the good games like 7, 8, 10, etc.
Looks like it's made in RPG Maker. Awful.
$30 for something that looks like it was made in RPG Maker? Get real. Either make it cheaper or make it better.
Definitely getting this game, yes, but I'll wait for a price drop. I don't intend on paying for the chapters, I want to get the full game. But it's kinda expensive.

I'd understand a price this high for Chaos Rings, knowing it's a game which required much more resources into it's creation than this. Again, I'm every bit as excited about this game as I can be, but I think it's kinda expensive.
It's a bit expensive, I hope it's worth it.
The game looks great! But that's a lot of money for a mobile game...
Maybe I'll try the prologue since it's free, but I don't think I'm going to buy the game straight away. I just hope it works on my phone or on my Android tablet.
Now i just have to decide on WHICH version to get!

Android or iPad >.<

As long as the iPad (1st gen) version is full screen.

Thank you Square Enix, I <3 you.
I cry for new Final Fantasy Tactics series as well! When will new series of this legendary product come?

I was so addicted to all FF Tactics series~!

Please let us know when there are news about new Tactics series.
Way too expensive for an iOS game, your buggin... i would of paid 10 for the entire game butnot half or 1/3 of it....
@Xaluku: the original Japanese game is 3 hours per chapter, 40 hours in total. But it looks like for this one after the first chapter, the remaining 11 have been combined into 3 big chapters.
How long is a chapter?
I'm sure it a pretty good game, but does it really have to be that expensive?
I'll be getting this at some point -- looking forward to the idea of retro Final Fantasy still being made. It's a good thing. Shame that it's ruined by a horrible iteration of what's supposed to be 16-bit graphics. This is not the way to go about new age retro, because all appeal is lost. I sincerely hope the developers realize this as soon as possible and revert to the proper retro style, such as in Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls.
Stop lying! Its going happen!
Still waiting for the FF7 remake..
Not going to happen any time soon, sorry.
Wow, looks amazing! :)