THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is a celebration of the greatest musical moments from the history of the FINAL FANTASY series. Featuring all of the fans’ favourite music from FINAL FANTASY I to XIII, alongside beautiful new environments and movie scenes from the original games, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY will reawaken the magic and the memories that have brought the series so close to the hearts of so many. 


Coming as part of the FINAL FANTASY 25th Anniversary year, the nostalgia-inducing music, addictive rhythm gameplay and charming art style of THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY is sure to capture the hearts of FINAL FANTASY fans old and new.



  • Choose your heroes! - Unite four of your favourite FINAL FANTASY heroes, and play through your favourite music from the series
  • Tackle unique stage styles! - Tap and slide along to the rhythm to adventure and fight through three different stage styles  : Field, Battle, and Event
  • Play your way! - A wide range of difficulty levels allow beginners and rhythm masters alike to join in the fun
  • Reap the rewards! - Complete different stages and level up your characters to unlock new music, movie scenes and more, all of which can be revisited is the “Museum”


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hey, love this game and I CANNOT STOP PLAYING IT.it is sooooo much fun! (^_^) (I am level 82!)
Love this game! Cannot stop playing, I just all the characters were present since its an Anniversary Collection game. Also, I wish there were more diferent kinds of interaction with other players from around the world. I also expect to see a lot more music content available in the store. :) Other than that, like I said CANNOT STOP PLAYING!! :D - Lots of love from Portugal!****
i love this game, but i have 1 thing thats still bothering me, HOW CAN I SUMMON BAHAMUT or GET HIS MAGICITE, uptill now i have 4 characters lvl 99 , i started to get odin magicite at the end of the songs, but still no bahamut, my rhythms 3600 anda above, please anyt hints and tips would help
Have SE stopped adding DLC to the game? I want more songs that are not included in it :( They should create something for the fans to ask for songs...
Best musical game for portable console :) I love soundtrack from ff series... and the minimal graphics of characters... sooo cute!
Ah~ Somnus was released last Friday~ <3 This week Type-0 Track~ <3 This is the last batch of DLC.
This is awesome it got the majority of all my favourite final fantasy songs if people want to add for multiplayer dark note sessions then my friend code is 3179-7232-3488
Is it possible to ak for DLC songs? I really want the song 1000 Words from FFX-2 but the DLC releases are only for FF between 1 and 13. Please Square Enix make my dream come true! Also an update with Spanish translation would be really great :)
jejejje final fantasy it's my favorite game ever :3 SQUARE ENIX (Y)
Incredible game
Ein tolles spiel. Ich finde die Melodien von Final Fantasy so klasse.
This game is amazing!!!
He vuelto a recordar la magia de cada Final Fantasy en un solo juego.
Lol this game is awesome XD
Love it so far :D
Lástima que últimamente no traduzcan los juegos al castellano :'(
Great game! Thanks from Italy.
Oh god I want it!!!
I've never been much of a Final Fantasy fan, I like a couple of them, but there is one thing I really like about this series, and that is it's fantastic music. So yeah, this is my favourite FF game besides I and IX.
Very great game !
FANYASTICO! Sono un fan della serie FF da anni, e questo gioco mi ricorda, con le sue musiche , bellissimi momenti. Grande Square-enix (^_^)
This game is the reason I bought a 3DS.
Simply awesome!!
I want more! I want more! I want more!
addictive game ...

Was able to get this yesterday awesome 3DS game, Friend taken off me been playing almost constantly only stopping to sleep.
It´s very awesome for 3DS game, i liked every Final Fantasy series music :)
Square-Enix ha dejado sin traducir 2 grandes juegos que la comunidad de jugadores españoles estaban esperando con muchas ganas, créanme si les digo que Kingdom Hearts iba a ser uno de los juegos mas vendidos en España si hubiese llegado traducido, aunque solo hubiesen sido subtitulos.
ÂżEste juego tampoco esta en castellano? Como KH3D. En serio. Eran los juegos que mas os queria comprar. Ahora no comprare ni estos, ni ninguno, a no ser que esten en mi idioma. Recapaciten. Traduzcan ambos juegos, por favor.
I love it !!! It's getting **** good on higher difficulty ;) A shame there's not more musics, some key ones are missing... and the 1€ per song dlc is abusive... Here my code if you wanna multi : 2621-2602-1854
It has very epic music but there are so many that don´t apper there but it´s a very good game i like it :D if someone want to add me to do the multiplayer then tell me my code is 0602-7146-7998
Magnifique jeu , Ă©tant fan de FF , j'approuve! ^^
trop bien comme jeu et plus les gens comais pas les final fantasy bien pour eux
good stuff.
This game is beautiful, a must have for Final Fantasy fans. FF being my favourite game I have been stuck to it since I bought it, very reminicsent game and it has actually brought a couple of tears to my eye during the cutscene based ryhthyms. Nobuo Uematsu is a godlike genius and I thank him and Square-Enix for bringing this masterpeice to a great console. Keep it up your my heroes! B.
I'm having a hard time coming to term with the fact that Theatrhythm has kept me glued to my 3DS since i recieved it a few days ago. Rhythm based games have never been able to draw me in up till this point. Ichiro Hazama was right though. Once you start playing, the memories of all those quality hours spent in front of your favourite FF title comes surging back in the form of music. Big thanks to Ichiro Hazama for his work on the title and ofcourse Nobuo Uematsu for all his exellent work on the music of FF through the years. Superb game for celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series!
good game...my favorite in this moment XD
this game is amazing!!! *-*
Why not release a remake of 5 or 6 on 3DS. Aside from 7, 9 and 13 those were my favourite ones.
How about releasing all the previous Final Fantasy games to celebrate i would definately buy if you released it on the Nintendo 3DS ;O)
Excellent way to celebrate the 25th Aniversary - great catchy tunes and some breathtaking visuals. Challenging pick up and play fun that never gets tiresome. A great addition is that you can buy new songs from the store - havent tried it but it has prolonged the fun in other games that have offered this function. Also not repetative as other games i have recently played (Heroes of Ruin - it could have been the best game on the system instead its just good.) To sum up my waffle - LOVE THIS GAME! Keep on producing quality titles i already have my Kingdom Hearts 3D Drop ordered on the strength of your previous Nintendo out put.
ye nice game but how can u NOT put in FF7 BOSS BATTLE!! ><
Es una lastima que no este en mi idioma, pero el juego esta muy bien. :D
What can I say, so much fun to be had, oh yeah!!!
on gamefaq there about 150+ confirmed pasword here:
This game is so catchy! ~ I couldn't think that it was going to be that funny! :'D
"Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC Schedule Includes Versus XIII’s “Somnus”" http://www.siliconera.com/2012/07/12/theatrhythm-final-fantasy-dlc-schedule-includes-versus-xiiis-somnus/
Recently annunce on facebook the game passwords for collecta cards: Jecht Shot, Rat tail, Elemental weakness, Princess of Tycoon, Gyshal Greens, Hates water, Feed me, Another gunblade, Magnitude 8, Platinum Ingot, Not much upstairs, Pale Horse, Do-rag.

Passwords from the official website: Friend to Syldra, Too cute to hate, Dark Knight, Cetra, Amalia?, Former SOLDIER, White Mage, Shotgun, Zanarkand Abes, Mega Flare, One of the Guado and Everyone's Grudge.
I could play this game all day, it's so much fun! I love playing the Dark Notes because you never know what song or level to expect the first time round- it's crazy addictive! The 3D effects are beautiful too.