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PROFILE: Devin Sarno, Warner Bros.

The people who oversee the music video production process for record labels are called "commissioners." Why the quotes? Because almost nobody actually has "commissioner" as their title and, more importantly, many of these folks are involved in a whole lot more than just making videos. Now that we've got that out of the way, meet Devin Sarno. He's a "commissioner" at Warner Bros, where he's steered through videos and helped plot the visual style for My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers and way too many more acts to name here.  

name: Devin Sarno
company: Warner Bros. Records
title/job: VP, Visual Content

Devin SarnoFirst Video: I believe the first video I officially "commissioned" was Ziggy Marley "Kozmik" with Stephane Sednaoui, when I was at Virgin Records. Stephane ranks as perhaps the only director who has ever physically tackled me to the ground in a telecine session and bitten me (donning a skirt, mind you).

Stephane Sednaoui is French.

Strangest Video: Unfortunately there are quite a few that come to mind, but one in particular was with my dear friend Doug Aitken. He was directing a video for me at Sony/WORK Group. It was shot off the coast of the Catalina Islands and the main picture boat he was planning to use ended up sinking on the voyage over. Along those same lines, we almost drowned My Chemical Romance in the "Ghost of You" video. That boat also ended up taking in a huge amount of water during one shot and began sinking rapidly (watch the Making The Video). Of course, a few of the band members can't swim, so it was a lovely moment of tension.

What's Next: What's next is the video that plays when you shut your eyes and rub your lids as hard as possible.

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NEW RELEASE: Muse "Invincible"

MuseNow that the music business is scouring for the new revenue streams — ie: ring tones, increased licensing, video games, product placements, prostitution (yeah, yeah, I made a funny) — the day of the rock band carnival attraction may not be far away. In the meantime, we have this dazzling video which places Muse on a 3-D amusement park ride. Unlike the Walt Disney It's A Small World ride — with its idealistic, unrealistic images of harmony and peace — this journey is a descent into the nasty, brutish and increasingly destructive history of our world. So, make sure you fasten you seatbelts and keep your hands inside the car. It's a savage world, after all. --> watch "Invincible" in Quicktime or via  YouTube

Muse "Invincible" (Warner Bros. UK)
Jonnie Ross, director | Helene Polverelli, producer | Smuggler, production co | Labuda Management, rep | David Rodriguez, DP | Maury Loeb and Ryan Ryang, editors

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SHOT: Sage Francis - Stoney Sharp, director

A secret society meeting? Nope, just a veritable who's who of underground rap stars at the music video shoot for Sage Francis. Pictured from left: guest artists Divinci and Buck 65, video director Stoney Sharp, Sage Francis and guests Slug (of Atmosphere) and Brother Ali.Stoney and Sage (click the pic to enlarge)

Not included in this photo is the track and video's featured guest, Jolie Holland.

artist: Sage Francis
song: "Got Up This Morning"
label: Epitaph
director(s): Stoney Sharp
production co: Sharp-Ford

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BOOKED: Rufus Wainwright - Sophie Muller, director

artist: Rufus Wainwright
song: "Going To A Town"
label: Geffen
director(s): Sophie Muller
production co: Oil Factory

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BOOKED: James Morrison - Charles Mehling, director

artist: James Morrison
song: "One Last Chance"
label: Polydor (UK)/Interscope (US)
director(s): Charles Mehling
production co: Streetgang Films

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SHOT: Dntel - Adam Bizanski, director

Dntel is Jimmy Tamborello, who is one half of The Postal Service. "The Distance" is off DNTEL's first Sub Pop release Dumb Luck, which feature vocals by Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst and Grizzly Bear's Edward Droste , among may other contributors.

artist: Dntel
song: "The Distance"
label: Sub Pop
director(s): Adam Bizanski
production co: Joyrider Films

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NEWS: Uncle Signs Rich Newey

Director Rich Newey has joined the music video roster at Uncle. Newey's credits include:

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NEW RELEASE: Nya Jade "Live"

Nyajade_live I'm totally against child labor, even if it's a cushy desk job like the on the the young whippersnapper has in this video. While Nya Jade and her band perform this sunny and soulful tune on a street corner, we see the junior executive getting ready at home and then leisurely taking care of some business at the office. His comfortable existence takes a turn for the worse, however, when he gets laid off. Now, just in case you're worried he'll wind up in some factory making Starburys, there's a twist: Our star is really only young at heart. --> watch "Live"

Nya Jade "Live" (Katako)
Don And John, director | Mark Allan Staubach, producer | HSI, production co | Giles Dunning, DP | David Trachtenberg, editor

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NEW RELEASE: Macy Gray "Finally Made Me Happy"

Macy Gray Anybody who has heard almost anything from Macy Gray could have guessed that Prince is one of her strongest influences. But, just in case you've ever had any doubts it, this performance video makes her admiration absolutely clear. Purple is the predominant color, of course, while director Meiert Avis even recreates the classic bathtub scene from the "When Doves Cry" video. And in a further elucidation of her musical lineage: Fellow influence Natalie Cole makes a guest appearance on vocals, while Will.I.Am handles the piano duties. --> watch "Finally Made Me Happy"

Macy Gray "Finally Made You Happy" (Geffen)
Meiert Avis, director | Steven Johnson, producer | Pusher, production co | Labuda Management, rep | Danny Hiele, DP | Noah Caddis, editor

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NEW RELEASE: Ne-Yo "All Because Of You"

Neyo Ne-Yo continues to cement his status as the heir apparent to Usher, both in terms of his sound, style and a penchant for making love to the ladies in his videos. This refined clip focuses on the latter, showing the r&b star enjoying his "addiction" in the bathroom, the bedroom, the pool, etc. --> watch "All Because Of You"

Ne-Yo "All Because Of You" (Island Def Jam)
Melina, director | John Winter, producer | Black Dog, production co | Omer Ganai, DP | Harvey White, editor

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SHOT: The Films - Adam Neustadter, director

artist: The Films
song: "Belt Loops"
label: Warner Bros.
director(s): Adam Neustadter
production co: Ghost Robot

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BOOKED: Seventeen Evergreen - Elliot Jokelson, director

artist: Seventeen Evergreen
song: "Lunar One"
label: Lucky Number (UK)/Pacific Radio Fire (US)
director(s): Elliot Jokelson
production co: Ghost Robot

correction: Video Static screwed up and mistakenly attributed this video to another director at Ghost Robot. Video Static begs forgiveness.

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NEW RELEASE: Melvins "The Talking Horse"

Melvins It's a sci-fi nightmare in this video for bizarro punk legends the Melvins. First, you got an oozy turkey that gives birth to some sort of alien. Then a series of objects — trees, newspaper boxes, buildings  — sprout faces and start mouthing the vocals.One man senses a kinship with the oddness, but he turns into a cake and gets eaten. Weird? You bet. --> watch "The Talking Horse"

Melvins "The Talking Horse" (Ipecac)
Behn Fannin, director/producer/DP/editor | Productions Productions/Refused TV, production co | Jessica Vliet, 3D animation

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MTV Adds for the Week of 4/2/07

MTV Adds:
Bow Wow feat. T-Pain "Outta My System" (Columbia)
Linkin Park "What I’ve Done" (Warner Bros.)
Maroon 5  "Makes Me Wonder" (Octone/A&M/Interscope)

MTV2 Adds:
The Almost "Say This Sooner" (Tooth & Nail)
Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy "Diamonds" (Island Def Jam)
Paul Wall "I'm Throwed" (Asylum/Atlantic)

MTVU Adds:
The Higher "Insurance" (Epitaph)
Hevi Medal f/ M.O.P. "7:30" (Hevi Medal Music)
Ozomatli "Can’t Stop" (Concord)
Shiny Toy Guns  "You Are The One" (Universal Motown) 

MTV Jams:
Beyonce feat. Shakira "Beautiful Liar" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Flaws And All" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Freakum Dress" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Get Me Bodied" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Green Light" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Kitty Kat" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Still In Love (Kissing You)" (Columbia)
Beyonce "Suga Mama" (Columbia)

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