Bailout The Game

Bailout the Game

Watch out Wall Street, notify the fat cat Bankers, Bailout The board game is here with an endless supply of TARP funds. Bailout The Game is the hilarious parody of the government bailout, where when you lose, you win. In this role reversal of the classic boardgame, debt is king. Don’t like the way Bernake, and THE FED are running the banks, Bailout! The Game gives you the chance to run a bank yourself. Be the Bank, lose billions, get a bailout.


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   Bailout The Card Game

Need money, no need to print bills like THE FED. Unwrap Bailout The Card Game for a stimulus package guaranteed to have you coming back for more. Bailout card game lets you spend more money than Geitner, THE FED, stick someone else with the bill and tell them they should be happy about it. All the fun, no responsibility and best of all this bailout doesn’t add to the national debt. Liberty Street Games makes Bailout! boardgames and card games in the USA!


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