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Winner Sony PS Vita

The long-awaited followup to the PSP, the PS Vita adds a touchscreen, 3G and beefy quad-core processor to the formula while tossing out the dead-on-arrival UMD format to rely on solid state storage.

Price: £230 | PlayStation

The PS Vita may look fairly similar to past PSPs, but it’s a very different prospect indeed. Owing a lot to the world of smartphones and tablets, the Vita comes with 3G, two cameras and a fantastic 5-inch OLED touchscreen.

Its quad-core processor gives it the edge over other handheld games consoles, allowing it to run incredibly beautiful and complex games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and the games line-up is surprisingly impressive for a new system.

The PS Vita is Sony’s finest handheld yet, and a true hardcore gamer’s alternative to smartphone and tablet gaming.

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