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Peruvian President Humala Speaks Before United Nations

Havana, Sept 23 (PL-RHC) President of Peru, Ollanta Humala, called for the end of the U.S. blockade against Cuba and expressed his support for the recognition of Palestine as an independent state while speaking before the United Nations General Assembly. He said that the integration of South America and all of Latin America is very important to Peru to promote the security and development of the entire region. He went on to say that ending the blockade against Cuba would show a commitment to regional integration and could initiate the path to peace and reconciliation.

altWhen speaking about Palestine, President Humala expressed his support for the Palestinian people to live in peace and harmony as an independent state and U.N. member. He also suggested amplifying the U.N Security Council to make it more representative and increase its legitimacy, and said he considers a reform of the Economic and Social Council as urgent to work for the development of countries around the world. President Humala said that his government prioritizes social inclusion to transform the economic growth of his country in recent years into development. He also spoke about his goals to eliminate drug trafficking, protect the environment, preserve the sovereignty of the people, and the rights of indigenous groups and other minorities in Peru.


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