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About Averys

Welcome to a dynamic modern wine business

I’d like to welcome you to Averys. We’re very much a family business and we see our customers – you – as part of our extended family. Now that may be ‘oldfashioned’, but it’s an attitude that’s helped us thrive in the wine trade for over 200 years. That and, of course, great wine...

As you know, most consumers opt for safe but ordinary wine – the sort that is made in vast quantities and available ‘off the shelf’ almost anywhere. Averys customers, on the other hand, enjoy the extraordinary; wines grown in top vineyards and crafted in small quantities in tip-top family cellars. The wine world on this level is a tiny, tight knit community, culturally diverse, ever-fascinating and drawn together by passion and appreciation. You’re now part of that community.

Benefit from our ‘little black book’ of wine names and addresses

Averys began in 1793 and through the generations we’ve maintained strong ties with many of the world’s best-known winemaking families. Many of these we consider not so much ‘suppliers’ as our friends. As you can imagine, our ‘little black book’ of names and addresses stands us – and you- in good stead.

Old-fashioned, attentive customer service and more

Rest assured, ring Averys and you’ll receive one-to-one attention from a very personable advisor straight away (no time-wasting ‘options’ to press). We offer a range of complementary services too, from wine storage to serving suggestions, tastings and events and of course prompt, secure delivery.

Over 1000 wines of quality and individuality; service that’s tailored to your needs.

Online, on the phone, or in the historic Bristol cellars we are here to help you

3 reasons why...

  1. No ordinary wines But plenty of delicious, original, individual wines that reflect their place of origin and the winemaker’s passion.

  2. It’s who you know When sourcing better value wines and exceptional, one-off parcels for you, our contact list makes all the difference.

  3. Refreshing service Enjoy good old-fashioned customer service with direct access to our qualified wine advisors, seven days a week.

The history of Averys Wine Merchants

Pioneering Wines Since 1793

Averys has featured prominently in the history of the English wine trade for over 200 years. It has survived recession, depression, war, the devastation of phylloxera in European vineyards and pioneered many of the aspects of the trade wine lovers now take for granted.

Chairman John Avery measures the company’s success, however, not in decades or centuries or even column inches in the Oxford Companion to Wine, but by loyal and satisfied customers, we now have 60,000 customers right across the United Kingdom. And in spite (or because) of the rise of supermarkets, Averys has many times more customers now than at any point since 1793. If you love fine, affordable wine and being treated as a much-valued customer, you’re in the right place.

The firm can trace its roots back to 1793 when it was established in Bristol. An unfortunate date for our Bordeaux suppliers as it marks the murder of the Girondins and the establishment of the Terreur in revolutionary France. The west of the UK, from Bristol to Liverpool and Glasgow, was an important route for goods coming into the country, as they didn’t have to pass through the dangerous English Channel. It is no coincidence that these three cities built their wealth on the back of tobacco, slavery and alcohol imports.

The original John Avery purchased the historic premises on Park street in 1860, documents show that wine has been stored on this site since around 1746. Today you can visit the shop in the historic cellars, or hire them out for parties, events and conferences. Averys prospered locally until the 20th Century when, flourishing under the guidance of dynamic chairman and buyer Ronald, the business developed an enviable reputation as one of the finest wine merchants in the country, and a serious rival to the equally famous traditional merchants in St James’s in London.

Pioneers of Right-Bank Bordeaux

“The great post-war champion of Pomerol- indeed Pétrus – was the late Ronald Avery” Christie’s Fine Wines

Ronald Avery, the current chairman’s father, is a wine trade legend. In the 1920s he pioneered the practice of travelling to wine estates to taste and choose when the norm was simply to buy from an agent in the UK. Ronald introduced great wines from Saint-Emilion and Pomerol, most notably the now famous Château Petrus, unknown at the time in the UK. At Averys historic cellars in Bristol, Ronald would also bottle fine Burgundy and Bordeaux to ensure their authenticity. In fact, Averys bottled Château Margaux in Bristol until 1947. Ronald’s high standards and unparalleled skills attracted wide acclaim and as Jancis Robsinson MW notes in ‘The Oxford Companion to Wine’ “many of the world’s most serious personal cellars contain Averys bottlings”.

Working with World-Class Winemakers

“Britain has always been a special place for me ever since I assumed the role of Cellar Superintendant with the British wine company of Averys.” Wolf Blass, Behind the Bow-tie

It is testimony to Ronald’s reputation that a young Wolf Blass (fresh from wine school in Germany) came to work under his tutelage in the 1950s. Wolf went on to become one of Australia’s most flamboyant and best-loved winemakers and a master blender of top class reds. He won The Jimmy Watson Trophy (Australia’s most coveted wine award) a record four times.

“A wine merchant who still sets standards” Harpers Bazaar, 1969

Pioneers of New World Wines

John Avery was the real pioneer in importing these wines.’ (Steven Spurrier, Decanter)

Ronald’s son, John, inherited that pioneering spirit and in the late 1960s, long before the New World wine boom got under way, began importing top names from Australia and New Zealand, including Penfolds Grange in 1968. Read more about John Averys Pioneering and the Pioneer Range here.

The Future

Today, Averys insatiable appetite for wine excitement has been embraced by an entire team of cutting-edge wine buyers, including John’s daughter Mimi, who joined the business in 1999. You might think that there is little left to explore these days but the wine world is more dynamic than ever. New wine producing regions are emerging all the time and advances continue to be made in modern winemaking. The exciting thing about wine is that there is always something new to discover.

“Averys of Bristol, unparalleled for classic wines of Europe” Pamela Vandyke Price, The Times, 1971

“I can fairly say that Averys set me on the path to a long lifetime’s enjoyment of wine and an absorbing semi-professional occupation.” Edmund Penning-Rowsell, Wine Correspondent for The Financial Times for many years

“Many of the world’s most serious personal cellars contain Averys bottlings” The Oxford Companion to Wine

Today, Averys insatiable appetite for wine excitement has been embraced by an entire team of cutting-edge wine buyers. We still insist on travelling to visit all of our suppliers in situ, and many weeks of the year are spent abroad developing relationships and unearthing the best producers and best offers. As a specialist merchant, we also pride ourselves on the personal touch, we work with some of the world top wine makers to bring you an exceptional range. At Averys you can choose from more than 1,000 wines. From everyday gems to £10 classics right through to some of the finest wines in the world.

Everyday Drinking

Exciting flavours are available in wines at everyday prices, you just have to know where to look. At Averys, all the searching for, tasting and comparing of wines has been done by our experts, so the wines you have to choose from are guaranteed to delight and to be among the very best in their class. With new wines and vintages being added to our extensive selection every month, you will always find something to tempt you.

Currently, Spain remains one of the best sources of affordable red wines, some with years of maturity; Portugal is continuing to win more customers with deliciously unique styles while Argentina and Chile are successfully competing head-to-head with the rest of the New World for great value, fruit-laden wines.

Browse range of everyday drinking wine

Affordable Classics

Classic wines are those with a great reputation – they may be from renowned regions, great single estates, outstanding vintages or all three. From Sancerre to Cru Bourgeois claret, Barossa Valley Shiraz or Central Otago Pinot Noir, Averys’ list is full of fabulous, mouth watering classic wines, many for around £10-£12 a bottle.

Browse our range of Averys Classic wines

Pioneering Wines and Innovation today

Averys reputation in the world of fine wine was established in the 1920’s and 30’s, when Ronald Avery spent much time in Burgundy and Bordeaux, indeed it was Ronald who introduced the wines of Pomerol to an unimpressed British Public. It was 1948 when he find imported the then unknown Chateau Petrus. His son John then went on to be one of the first to bring the wines of Australia, New Zealand, California and Chile to the UK, we launched the Pioneer Range in 2009 to celebrate this history.

Read more about the Pioneer Range here and view the wines

Project Winemaker is our latest innovation, spearheaded by Emma Roberts Head of Buying, we are working with many of the worlds top winemakers such as Mario Guise at Casa Silva, Chile, Matthew Copeland at Vondeling, Paarl, South Africa and Hugh Cuthbertson of Cheviot Bridge, Vincent Charleux of Abbotts in The Languedoc.

Browse our full Pioneer Range and Project Winemaker range

“When first I joined Harveys, I used to pore over Averys list and wonder whether I would manage to bring our own up to his standard.” Harry Waugh, Harpers Bazaar, 1969

Fine Wines

Fine wines occupy their own special slot at the top of our range. These are highly sought-after and often rare bottles. They may come from cru classé châteaux in Bordeaux, tiny elite vineyards in the northern Rhône, top domaines in Burgundy, Tuscany, the Hunter or Napa Valleys. The French call them vins de méditation because they are worth taking time over and appreciating to the full. Fine wines can fetch hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds but, happily, you will find many fine wines from Averys starting at less than £20 a bottle.

En Primeur

A few months after every vintage, and long before fine wines are released to the public, we offer customers the chance to buy at en primeur – or pre- release – prices. We offer the best of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone and occasionally, fine wines from other regions. Given that fine wine prices usually rise over time, buying en primeur can save you money.

If you would like further information on fine wines please contact Matthew Hemming our fine wine manager on 01275 811 107.

Over 1,000 sensational wines online

You’ll find over 1,000 wines to tempt you here at averys.com. All the major wine regions are represented and many lesser known and innovative new regions too. You can browse and search our wine list using the left hand browse facility, use the text search box, see all our wines listed alphabetically here. However, should you not find what you are looking for, please give one of our specialist wine advisors a ring on 0843 224 1224.

A who's who of the Averys team

You'll be surprised at just how young and dynamic the team at Averys today are.

John Avery, MW

Master of Wine, Chairman 1941 - 2012

John Avery, MW

John Avery was the 4th generation of his family at Averys. As one of the country's senior Masters of Wine, he was well known and highly respected both at home and abroad. Always in great demand as a judge at wine shows in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan and New Zealand. In his travels, John sourced wines of exceptional quality and value with which to tempt Averys customers.

Pioneer of the new world

John was highly regarded in the field of new world wines. Having discovered and introduced many of the best wines from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and California, he was the first to import Australian Chardonnay and wines from New Zealand.

Click here to read Mimi's tribute to John.

Buying Director Emma Roberts

Buying Director

Emma Roberts

It was rummaging around in a friends father's wine cellar that first sparked my interest in wine. I love the diversity of the wine trade, one day you can be in Oz in a shed making wine for customers and the next, judging at an international competition in Adelaide. The following month I might be in Bordeaux tasting the world's most exclusive and expensive barrels, negotiating and securing some of the finest bottles to bring back to our cellars in Bristol. My real passion at the moment is Project Winemaker, I do hope customers enjoy drinking the wines as much as I've enjoyed working with the winemakers to make these exclusive wines. We got fantastic feedback from customers at our Christmas tasting and Oz Clarke selected the Sauvignon Blanc in his top 250 for 2011!

Favourite wine:  Averys Project Winemaker Limoux Chardonnay 2010, France

Wine Buyer Mimi Avery

Wine Buyer

Mimi Avery

It wasn't necessarily a natural progression for me to follow the family into the trade, indeed as a teenager I was warned against it! But my passion was ignited 17 years ago in New Zealand, gaining experience with Allan Scott and Cloudy Bay in Marlborough. It doesn't get much better than that, it is a truly magical place. The most exciting thing for me about wine, is the little bit of happiness we can bring to people's lives when they open a good bottle.

Favourite wine:  Averys Selection 2007 Alsace

Wine Buyer Liz Field

Wine Buyer

Liz Field

I fell in love with wine as a student working a harvest in Provence, who wouldn't! So I quickly headed out for the next harvest in Marlborough. For me it's about the people and the memories you can create when you share a good wine. What I love about this business is it's characters; we share a common passion and always have something to talk about.

Wine Buyer Jennie Perry

Wine Buyer

Jennie Perry

Wine is such a dynamic subject, it's always changing. Whilst one vintage matures in the cellar (or gets drunk!), the next brings something new and exciting for you to discover and enjoy. I love the divesity of this business - one day you can be in the vineyard learning about how a property's new practice will influence their wine, the next day you can be planning its label. It's such an interesting process to follow - from growing the grapes and creation of the wine, right through to when our customers pull the corks.

Fine Wine Manager Matthew Hemming

Fine Wine Manager

Matthew Hemming

We are so lucky with customers; they are as knowledgeable and passionate about wine as we are and revel in the quality we deliver them. At Averys we're small and light on our feet, but big enough to be taken seriously by customers and suppliers alike. With access to the best wines in the world, it's exciting to be able to give customers access to these too, and offer them a very personal service. Our customers may be enjoying a £6 bottle on a Thursday night, but they're not afraid to pop the cork on something special at the weekend.

Favourite wine:  Clos des Papes 2008 Chateauneuf du Pape

Richard Dare

Fine Wine and Brokering

Richard Dare

My passion for wine first kicked off in 2002 after I spent a placement year at university with Majestic wine before going back for my final year, it was 5 years later after a foray into the world of retail Brand Management that I decided out make a career out of my passion and found the prospect of working in the wine industry to strong to ignore, I subsequently started at Averys in the wine advisor team in the summer of 2007. Since then I worked my way up to the senior ranks within the Advisor team and successfully completed my WSET Diploma in 2010 before being promoted into fine wine earlier this year. I am now one half of a small but very effective team, where alongside Matthew Hemming, our fine wine manager, I am responsible for developing the Averys fine wine service, brokering small, exciting parcels of wine and doing it all with a particular focus on offering a very personal and highly tailored service for customers.

I enjoy travel, literature, and good food and when I'm not trying to drink and eat as well as I can I am often found running around the Cotswold hills burning it all off and training for my next race. The current challenge is combining all of the above with a young family!

Favourite wine:  Barolo Brunate 2006 Marcarini

Buyer and Stock and Supply Manager Matt Eggens

Buyer and Stock and Supply Manager

Matthew Eggens

In 2010 I was an associate judge at the IWSC awards and was honoured to win the Peter & Penelope Duff Memorial Award for being 'an outstanding associate judge'. I was also promoted to a full judge for the 2011 competition. At Averys we work with the very best in the wine world, this is both interesting and exciting. I enjoy getting the inside track on what's new in the wine world and it's great to share with friends and customers alike.

Favourite wine:  Reichsrat Von Buhl Riesling Trocken 2009, Germany

Head of Customer Services Ruth Le Poidevin

Head of Customer Services

Ruth Le Poidevin

I have enjoyed working in the wine industry since 2005 and joined Averys as Head of Customer Services in April 2009. I'm passionate about excellent service and I thoroughly enjoy a good glass of wine. I am part of our small, friendly customer service team, all of whom have or are working towards a WSET qualification. When you call Averys, you can expect personal, professional service from each team member, they will do their absolute best to give you the top notch service you'd expect from Averys Wine Merchants. We continually work towards improving our service and very much welcome your feedback. We look forward to speaking to you soon!

Favourite wine:  Averys Pioneer Range Cotes de Nuits Villages Red 2008, Burgundy

Customer Testimonials

We continually strive to improve our service to you and always welcome your feedback. Please feel free to get in touch by email enquiries@averys.com or give us a call on 0843 224 1224. We are invite you to review the wines you have tasted on our website. Simply search for the wine you have chosen to review and click the 'Write a review' link under the label.

"Thanks for the Carignan. You are a little gem...as is the wine...! Really though, I have in the past purchased wine from several companies and on occasions been very disappointed when the description failed to live up to the wine sent. Since using Averys however, I can honestly say I have never had a poor wine... "

Dr Birket

"The primary reason I order my wine from Averys is the excellent customer service."

Mr D Carter, Chertsey, Surrey

"Wine has already arrived - brilliant service and delicious to boot. Many thanks."

Mrs F Burton, Oxford, Oxfordshire

"The wine arrived in excellent time for my husband's birthday, plus a wonderful little corkscrew. What customer service! This will not be forgotten."

Mrs R Roberts, Reading, Berkshire

"I made my latest order two days ago. Yesterday I was told it had been despatched. This morning it arrived. Excellent service, well done."

Mr G Carter, Canterbury, Kent

"I received my order yesterday and just wanted to let you know how delighted I was with the speed of the delivery from order... I have had no hesitation in recommending your company to so many of my friends, I have been that delighted with your service."

Mrs A Mannion-Watson, Barnetby, South Humberside

"Thank you for continuously offering an efficient customer service."

Mr C Wardley, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire

"Thanks for all your help. Wine was great! I will be in touch again soon."

Mr C Considine, Street, Somerset

"I like what you do very much, the professionalism of your business approach is excellent, as is the quality of your communications."

Mr J Passmore, Edinburgh

"Averys are always very helpful and friendly and a pleasure to talk to."

Col. Matthews, Blandford Forum, Dorset

"Averys have to be one of the most innovative wine merchants around. They are brilliant at finding excellent wines at excellent prices."

Mr C Jones, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

"Many thanks for your excellent service."

Mr T Franklin, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

"Having received our first delivery of wine I have to say that each bottle has been fantastic. We will be ordering more. Many thanks."

Mr M Jones, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

"Good wine, good company"

Mr S Webb, Bristol

Fiona Bailey

Head of Wine Sales

Fiona Bailey

I have worked for a number of different wine companies in the past and was elated to join Averys in 2009 as a Wine Advisor. After a successful period where I thoroughly enjoyed recommending our wines to my customers, I was promoted to Head of Wine Sales. I am now studying for my WSET Diploma and manage a highly knowledgeable, professional and successful team of Wine Advisors with whom I share a passion for our unbeatable range of wines.

We all relish the numerous opportunities we have to meet our suppliers and attend bespoke tastings and are always eager to recommend these wines afterwards.

It is impossible for me to choose a favourite wine as it all depends on the food, company, mood etc but I particularly enjoy Chardonnay and Pinot Noir: some top picks are our own label Marlborough Chardonnay and Tasmanian Pinot Noir. All the Averys own label range pose great value and quality as they are made in collaboration with top producers around the world and are available to you at extremely modest prices.

Overall, my team and I are constantly sampling wine, in the tasting room and at home, to ensure we can offer you the best service when it comes to suggesting wine, whether it be for a special occasion or for everyday drinking. We are more than happy to mix bespoke cases too. We hope to get the chance to show you what a unique (not to mention free!) service we offer soon!

Richard Bailey

Senior Account Manager

Richard Bailey

I first fell in love with wine during my travels in Australia which led to a stint at Peter Lehman's estate in the Barossa. When I returned to the UK I began my studies under the WSET whilst employed at the New World giant, Constellation Europe and obtained my Diploma in 2009 before joining the team at Avery's in the same year. I feel very privileged to work in such a dynamic and exciting environment, from the buzz of a Bordeaux En Primeur campaign to the thrill of meeting and learning from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Abi Salinger

Wine Advisor

Abi Salinger

I have loved wine from a very early age and, having enjoyed a spectrum of interesting careers both here and abroad, I had an epiphany whilst travelling in South America a few years ago: I decided that I ought to indulge my passion a little further and perhaps find some kind of employment in the fascinating World of Wine.

Originally from Sussex, I settled in Bristol about 12 years ago but considered London to be a better place to start my career in wine. Undaunted by such a dramatic change of direction, I moved to the 'Big Smoke' and found work in a wonderful independent wine merchants in East Dulwich where I learned all about biodynamic wines, for which I still have a borderline obsession.

Wishing to further my career into selling wine, I then came across a sales role working for a wine merchant in Bristol and, though I loved London, working for such a prestigious company as Averys was far too good an opportunity to miss so I upped sticks again and moved back to Bristol. I have been with Averys for the past 2 years and, having passed my Advanced WSET, I have now settled into what I like best - talking about wine!

Since I've been with Averys I have built up the most wonderful customer base. In fact, this is the best part of my job (apart from tasting amazing wines on a regular basis!) as I really enjoy chatting to such an interesting and wide range of customers who come from all walks of life. We all have something very special in common - a love of good wine!

Though I do enjoy all different styles of wine, I confess to being a Rhône and Burgundy girl at heart though, more recently, I find myself seduced by those captivating Italian wines. I think a wine is often as good as the food it complements and vice versa so one of my favourite pastimes is enjoying good food and wine and, even better, if both are shared with friends.

Aaron Rice

Lead Account Manager

Aaron Rice

In 1991, after supporting myself through two years of Law School at Otago University by working in a restaurant and wine bar, I realised that my main passion was for wine and food rather than the complexities of the legal system and legislature. I spent most of the 90's running restaurants and bars before I met my English wife-to-be while spending the summer of 1999 working for a team of vineyard contractors. I moved to the UK in 2000 and took the first job that I was offered - at Oddbins. After 6 months there I joined Direct Wines and eventually became Fine Wine copy-writer for Laithwaites and The Sunday Times Wine Club. After a stint working in marketing for Berry Bros, I decided that it was time to move back to doing what I really loved - selling wine - and joined Averys in November 2006. Though the last five years have been eventful (remember the Credit Crunch?) Averys has gone from strength to strength and has always been an interesting and stimulating place to work - thanks mainly to the many pleasant and friendly customers that I speak to on a daily basis.

Kirsty Buttery

Wine Advisor

Kirsty Buttery

I've always had a passion for wine and by studying for my WSET qualifications really helped me utilize this. I'm really enjoying working in an environment full of like minded people who have a great deal of knowledge about wine. It's an exciting industry to be in and there's always something new to try or to learn. No two wines are ever the same. One of the perks of our job is we are able to try a great deal of the wines we have to offer and this way it really helps us to make great recommendations to our customers and I love hearing their feedback in return.

Lynne Alderson

Wine Advisor

Lynne Alderson

I have been working in the wine industry for over ten years now. My interest was originally ignited whilst travelling in Australia so my first love was with Australian wine. The thing I love about wine is that there are always new and interesting wines to discover from different regions around the world so you can never stop learning.

I am currently enjoying Rhône style white wines but I'm sure I'll be moving on to something new pretty soon.

My favourite food and wine match at the moment is pan-fried salmon on a bed of creamed spinach with d'Arenburg's The Money Spider Roussanne 2007.

Will Marshall

Wine Advisor

Will Marshall

After completing my photography degree in London I decided to follow my other passion - wine - and cut my teeth on the shop floors of Oddbins.

This is where my passion for great wine grew, bolstered by WSET training. In 2007 I moved to Bristol with my partner to start a family. When the opportunity arose to work as one of the Wine Advisors at Averys I jumped at the chance to be part of a company with such a long history in the wine trade.

I am a real Francophile and there is nothing I like more than a mature left bank claret or a Grand Cru Burgundy.

Duncan Pilbeam

Wine Advisor

Duncan Pilbeam

I joined Averys for the second time this year, returning to a job which has always proven to be rewarding and fun. Wine has been a passion of mine since I first started to drink it. Cooking, entertaining and having a glass or two is what I most enjoy.

I first started with Averys in our Cellars in Bristol, advising, looking after our corporate sales, hosting tastings and enjoying the products. I studied my WSET qualifications and continue to learn as much as I can about a fascinating industry and enjoyable pastime. My background is the restaurant trade, followed by a number of years spent working in the spirits trade based in the US. It's a pleasure working in a field where I enjoy what I do and the experiences it has given me. Good food, fine wine and interesting people to meet and they pay me.... what more could I want.

Neil Williams

Wine Advisor

Neil Williams

I joined Averys at the beginning of May this year, after successfully running a country pub near Cirencester.

Having always enjoyed wine, I first became interested in the business, whist working at the Royal Westminster hotel in London, a wine merchant who supplied our wine came and held a tasting for the staff, I was suitably impressed and thought "I could do this". It wasn't long before I was working for a small independent wine merchant in Chelsea where I gained my WSET qualifications. Since then I've spent 5 years with Oddbins managing various stores in Cheltenham and Bristol.

Oliver Weston

Wine Advisor

Oliver Weston

I have worked in the wine trade for over 15 years. I've also assisted in wine cellars, making wine in this country and abroad. What I love most about wine is that it's always a learning curve. There are so many countries and regions producing so many diverse styles. There is something for everyone, and every occasion. It's just a question of seeking out interesting wines, and that's something I think Averys does very well. I greatly enjoy drinking French wines from the classic regions, but also get great pleasure from a decent Argentinan Malbec at a good price.

Jo Roberts

Wine Advisor

Jo Roberts

I've worked on the wine advisor team here for a couple of years and have really enjoyed building up my customer base to the size it is now. I get to speak to lots of different people everyday, sharing their stories and passions of the wine world (or just having a little chinwag), before recommending some wines that I know they will enjoy as much as I do. Having always been interested in wine and enjoyed drinking it, I was really inspired by a wine trip to the Napa Valley and Sonoma four years ago and have since paid a visit to Bordeaux and the wine school there, achieved my WSET Advanced and am now looking forward to embarking on my diploma next year.

Adam Simpson

Lead Account Manager

Adam Simpson

Having worked in sales for many years and more recently as area sales manager for a small fine food company, I decided I wanted to realise my dream and work in the wine trade. I had been supplying Averys with fine food for their tastings, so they seemed the obvious choice to approach for work. I initially started at the Averys Bristol shop over Christmas 2006, and then moved to the Wine Advisor team where I took the WSET Diploma course and quickly climbed the ranks to my current position as Lead Account Manager.

Of course I love fine wine and spend most of my spare time shopping for or planning the next meal and wondering which bottle would match it best. Another passion is travel, whether it's trekking in the Himalayas, lounging by a pool in Provence, a city break in Istanbul, or touring the wine regions of Europe!

I do not have a favourite wine region, but enjoy all wines that are good examples of their regions and varieties - for me the interest is in the diversity of wines and styles. If I had to choose, my desert island wine would probably be a Grand Cru Red Burgundy from around Vosne Romanee.

James Colde

Senior Account Manager

James Cole

I started in wine while studying for my Masters in Film and Media, taking a part time job in the local Wine Rack store. I quickly discovered a love for wine after spending my student days buying the cheapest Côtes du Rhône I could find, or if there was a party a 3 litre box!

My wine epiphany was a bottle of Viognier from the Languedoc called Cazal Viel which really opened my eyes to the complexity and depth of flavour wine is capable of and I began a journey of discovery, eagerly reading anything about I could get my hands on, and even more eagerly trying as many different styles of wines as I could. Such enthusiasm was rewarded in promotion, and soon I was a full time manager of the store I started in. Not long after that I got the stewardship of the flagship fine wine store in the region, and successfully traded there for another year. With remarkable prescience or blind luck I managed to move to an independent wine merchant before the demise of Wine Rack and Threshers and helped set up a brand new wine outlet in Cheltenham, which exposed me to an entirely new world of interesting, regional wines I had never seen on the shelves of my previous stores.

The role didn't work out as I hoped as the shop I helped set up morphed instead into a Bistro so I decided to go on a great adventure and went with just a bicycle, a small tent and the promise of employment at Felton Road Wines to New Zealand, where I spent several months in 2009. Working out there in the incredible landscape of Central Otago and for such a innovative and acclaimed winery as Felton Road was an experience I'll treasure, as well as teaching me so much about what goes into making great wine. On my return I managed to find temporary employ at Direct Wines where I learnt about the Wine Advisor role here. My application was successful and I have never looked back, and after two years at Averys I was proud to recently be promoted to Senior Account Manager. I find it endlessly rewarding to look after my customers, advising them on all aspects of wine, from the best value wines to suit their palate to helping customers with their investment portfolios.

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