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Rosiemoonjumper: Bringing sunshine to The Cult!

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To say that Sarah is a lady is an understatement. She’s beautiful, vibrant, a total sweetheart, and overall one of the loveliest culties around. She has a flower in her hair, a teacup in her hand, and she’s sprinkled with a bit of sunshine. However, there’s more to Sarah than meets the eye, and I’ve tried to reveal some of that in this interview. Enjoy!

Some of the basics:

Name: Sarah Ryan
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Living with long term partner
Parental Status: I am not a parent, but as soon as said partner is as ready as can be I want to pop a baby out.

Let’s start this off with some favorites!

-Food, Color, Shoes, Movie, Word



Comfy big black boots for winter. Or satin slippers for around the house.

The Labyrinth


Why is "Australopithecus" your favorite word?
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Rosiemoonjumper: Bringing sunshine to The Cult!rosiemoonjumperlovebomb6
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Kirk as a little squirt, pimpin it..In Conversation with our own Captain KickassKirkmirka15


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