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Last year's Amaz!ng Meeting was a huge success, and we received a storm of requests to "do it again." We will. We're pleased to invite you to join us in fabulous Las Vegas, January 15th to 18th, 2004, as The James Randi Educational Foundation hosts "The Amazing Meeting II" with a stellar list of great speakers and a number of irresistible extra attractions. Prompted in part by popular demand from our message board members, this now-annual conference will be entertaining, educational and energizing.

Schedule of Events

We have our schedule all set. Click here to see the exciting things to come!

Only a part of our great lineup of guest speakers includes:

  • Hey! We've got Penn & Teller, the Bad Boys of Magic, who will grace our meeting with a very special appearance! These guys are my close friends from decades back, and they'll give us a unique performance of some of their classic illusions, as well as actively participating in our panel groups — a very popular feature from last year. More than that, they've arranged with their host, The Rio, to supply a big block of discounted tickets to their regular Friday night show, a special favor just for Amaz!ng Meeting II registrants!

  • Our good friend Dr. Michael Shermer of "Skeptic Magazine" fame, the very well- known figure in the battle against crackpottery and fraud, returns this year to outdo his last exciting keynote appearance, which got raves from everyone.

  • Everyone went nuts last year over Dr. Phil Plait, aka "The Bad Astronomer" and author of that remarkable book "Bad Astronomy." Phil assured us that he has an endless repertoire, and he'll once again inform us of the new nuttery and outrageous pseudoscience that he's encountered in the previous 12 months. This one speaker is worth the price of admission! You'll learn a lot from Phil!

  • That one-and-only "magician's magician," Jerry Andrus, will again prove to you that you can be deceived by your own senses. Jerry is an original, a unique individual who boggles the mind and teaches you about your own limitations, at the same time.

  • Quick-of-hand Jamy Ian Swiss has graciously offered to return, too. We're honored to welcome him back, one of the magic profession's brightest and most interesting stars. Personally, I can't wait to see and hear him again. His strong views on psychic scammers will satisfy and inform you.

  • No Amaz!ng Meeting would be complete without the presence of Lt. Col. Hal Bidlack, currently Deputy Director of the USAF Institute for National Security Studies at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Hal was lauded by all present last year, and many told us that they'd sign up again only if he were on the schedule. Not wanting to test that threat, we cornered him and found that we didn't really have to ask him too many times. His bags are already packed...

  • Do we get the big stars, or what? The author of "The Art of Cold Reading" will be with us for a special 2-hour session that will keep you enthralled. He's Ian Rowland, from the UK, who is prepared to blow your minds with his startling revelations and demonstrations on the techniques the TV "psychics" use to convince millions that they can actually speak with dead people. Be ready for startling surprises!

  • Jostling with Rowland for your outright adulation will be Banachek, who was one of the famous "Alpha Kids" who infiltrated a parapsychology lab and convinced scientists there that he had serious psychic powers. A multiple award-winner on the lecture circuits, Banachek brings us the most astonishing demonstrations of mentalism that you could ever expect. He's a star in so many ways, and speaks very eloquently of how he brings his audience to believe in his powers — only to teach them that he's just a performer, entertaining with his fantastic skills. One of a kind! Be careful — he'll have you believing if you're not careful...

  • A very special speaker this year will be Ms. Hervey Peoples, whose book, "The Human Question," serves as the basis for her fact-packed lecture on "The ABCs of the Evolution Controversy" and will prepare you to argue the subject from an informed position. This is a popular and important matter to be addressed, and we're very grateful to Ms. Peoples for her welcome appearance at TAMII.

  • We'll have two important speakers informing us on the present state of quackery. Dr. Steve Barrett, of fame will describe the situation in the USA, and Peter Bowditch, from Australia, will bring Down Under Quackery, way Up Top for us.

  • Eugenie Scott is revving up to — again — shoot down the creationists' wild claims for us, as she's done for countless audiences for years now. She's won all sorts of acclaim for her perceptive analysis of this subject, and we're very pleased to have her aboard for TAM2.

  • My good friend Bob Park of the American Physical Society, who I know as "Feisty Bob," joins us to take a look behind the scenes at the Department of State and several other federal agencies that he tries to keep in line on his weekly "What's New" Internet feature. This guy is a winner, and we know you'll be cheering his efforts.

  • Ray Beiersdorfer, former NASA geologist (lunologist?) will be conducting a special tour for the strong among us who want to learn about the formations in the Las Vegas area, and he'll compare terrestrial rocks with Moon rocks. He's a charming, informative speaker who can make rocks into reality and reveal some of the wonders of his science.

  • Dean Cameron will have you howling over his handling of the various "Nigerian Millions" scam-artists who have plagued the Internet. Thousands of victims have fallen for the brand-new swindle, and lost millions. Dean decided to tackle them, and the result is a perfect example of how to treat such con artists — if you have the time and dedication. You can't miss this!

  • The wonderful Lance Burton, star of the Las Vegas strip, has offered to stun us with a performance that will convince you — if you needed convincing — that you, too, can be totally hornswoggled by a magician. Lance is prince among the magicians, and some of you will also get the chance to see his big show, live, if you behave yourselves…

  • As usual, The Amazing Himself may see fit to demonstrate a miracle or two, as well. In fact, it's inevitable. Please note: Applause is permitted and even encouraged...

Fundraising "Dinner With Randi"

In response to suggestions, there'll be a limited-attendance "Dinner With Randi" event, a private, intimate, JREF fundraising evening meeting at which I'll provide the diners with some personal attendance and participation. Reservations for this event should be spoken for as soon as possible. Contact Linda at 954-467-1112 for details.

Call For Papers

And as you'd expect in Las Vegas, we'll also have other entertainers, additional speakers yet to be signed, and really stimulating discussion groups. Following your suggestions, we're again issuing a "call for papers" from anyone wishing to share their ideas and achievements for a special session on Sunday morning. Contact Dr. Jeff Corey, ( if you're interested in presenting. In addition to the conference and prior to the official opening of TAMII on Thursday from 1 to 5 we'll have a high-intensity special-interest workshop geared specially toward educators: "Detecting Deception," with Andrew Harter and me as instructors.

Hotel Information

So set aside that weekend to join the fun and meet fellow skeptics. Our host hotel, the beautiful Best Western Tuscany, will meet your every expectation, while providing the stage for this exciting event. Check out their website at And, if you get any free time in the busy schedule of events, there's all of Sin City awaiting you!

Registration Information

Space is limited, so don't miss out! Last year was a bit over-subscribed, and with the reception of that event still bringing in enthusiastic mail, we expect that we'll double our attendance in 2004. JREF members are eligible for a reduced fee of $275 from the regular $310 registration. Rooms at the Tuscany will be available at the low rate of only $69 for Thursday and $89 for Friday and Saturday. Reservations should be made directly with the hotel at 1-877-887-2261. These rates are good until Dec.16th. Ask for "The Amazing Meeting" group rate.

Click here to download the registration form. Simply fill out the form and fax it to Linda Shallenberger at 954-467-1660.

Printed Brochure

To see the printed brochure, click on the links below and print!
Please note that the fundraising "Dinner with Randi" has sold out.

We hope to see you there!

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