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Easter Eggs and Advertising Banners is A Good Combination!

Do you have your chocolate eggs and holidays booked? Easter is coming!!! This year is extra special with the majority of people taking advantage of the extra bank holiday and jetting off somewhere nice. Make sure your advertising banners are in place early and you have your Easter gifts at the ready.

What to offer this Easter?

Eggs - a variety of chocolate eggs, large and small. Just check out Shopzilla’s chocolate section.

Perfume - whether you’re after a male or female scent, have a look at our fragrances here.

Teddies - give a soft, cuddly teddy to the one you love this Easter.

happy-easter-teddyAs a reminder, the office will be closed on Friday 22nd April, Monday 25th April, Friday 29th April and the following Monday 2nd May. If you have any queries during this time please email the publisher team and we will get back to you as soon as possible on our return.

Shopzilla UK Publisher Program to Offer Half Assets

London, April 1st 2011 – In an unprecedented move in the affiliate industry, the Shopzilla UK Publisher Program have revealed they will offer their publishers half-sized assets for areas where they have limited space! The new assets are basically the same as the old assets only cut in half. Accordingly, this will result in them only taking half as long to load and will allow website visitors to scan over them twice as fast! “We strive to offer thing that no other company out there offers” stated the Shopzilla UK Publisher Program manager Diana Scharpenberg, “This is a prime example of that mindset. It just makes it look like half the asset is hidden underneath the page!”

The Half-Assets™, as they will be referred to, will not have as much information as regular Shopzilla banners, and will probably leave people who see them very confused, but in that confused state of mind, their dwell time on your web page should increase. Although the concept has been released, the official date to get the assets has not yet been determined. See some examples of what to expect below.

shopzilla-publisher-half-asset shopzilla-half-asset publisher-half-asset

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

As soon as the Valentine’s posts and cards disappear from shops, we start seeing Mother’s Day cards and gift ideas which are the next big sellers. This year, we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 3rd April so don’t forget to get your gifts at the ready and your banners in place!

We’ve put together a little post to give you some inspiration for that wonderful woman in your life a.k.a. Mum, Mam, Mother or Mummy.

If she’s into flowers, check out the glorious selection we have on Shopzilla:



If it’s chocolates, we have plenty to offer:

© Thorntons

© Thorntons

And if it’s jewellery, let Shopzilla dazzle you with the bracelets, earrings and pendants we offer:

© Orvis

© Orvis

Spoil your mum rotten with Shopzilla’s fantastic choice of gift ideas.

British Summertime Begins: Clocks Forwards and Banners Ready

I’m sure we all look forward to that moment again when we can put the clocks forward and start enjoying more sunshine and lighter evenings. This means holidays are getting closer, Spring is in the air and summer is fast approaching.

March 27th will officially see Winter off and welcome Spring in when British Summertime kicks off. Get in the holiday frame of mind with spring colours and fashions and stock up on your t-shirts, sunglasses and holiday essentials.

For affiliates, know what to promote before everyone else and keep ahead of the game with our regular dynamic banner ideas.Why not try some of the following searches in the Publisher portal:

Sunglasses –> Clothing & Accessories –> Sunglasses

Holiday –> Health & Beauty Supplies

Suitcase –> Clothing & Accessories –> Luggage


Happy 2nd Birthday to the Shopzilla UK Publisher Program

Happy Birthday to us!!

March 2011 has seen our 2nd birthday come round in a flash - it’s been a great affiliate 2 years so far, with the program first being launched here in the UK in March 2009.  Not forgetting, of course, Shopzilla US which is also now celebrating Publisher’s 4th birthday this month!! Congratulations to our friends on the other side of the pond!

So since March ‘09, what have we been up to?

Well, we’ve launched our FTP Data Feeds, Dynamic Banners, Catalogue API solution, and we’ve also expanded into both France and Germany. In addition, we’ve had upgrades and updates all over the place, including to the reporting tool, to make the program as great an experience as possible for our much loved affiliates!

Join us in celebrating our 2nd birthday…and here’s to lots more!

©rmansoorian Shopzilla Publisher's 2nd birthday!

©rmansoorian Shopzilla Publisher's 2nd birthday!

Pancake Day Gets Us All in a Stir!

Oooh pancake time again! If you’re like us here at the Shopzilla Europe office, we know you’ll be cooking up some delightful treats for Pancake Day this year! We usually get ours around lunchtime as a scrummy dessert to finish off lunch - not to be missed!

This year Pancake Day falls on 8th March which is next week! Make sure you take advantage of the fact that people like us will be preparing in advance for Shrove Tuesday with new kitchen utensils and equipment. Display your banners early so as to cash in on those affiliate clicks and provide useful content to your visitors as early as possible.

Try out these possibilities in the Publisher portal for some great looking Shrove shopping banners:

Spatula –> Home & Garden –> Kitchen Gadgets & Utensils

Frying pans –> Home & Garden –> Cooking & Baking Equipment

Pancakes –> Home & Garden –> Cooking & Baking Equipment


Valentine’s Day Gifts For All

Soon to be the most romantic day of the year, isn’t it about time you get your gift(s) sorted for your loved one? We think so. And who better to help you than one of the UK’s leading comparison search engines?!


Gifts for Him.

Compare a wide range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the man in your life. How about a nice new watch? Or an ipod for his daily commute? Check out Shopzilla’s range of aftershaves or electronics - you’re bound to spot a great gift.

Gifts for Her.

Women are never THAT difficult to buy for what with all the ladies treats out on the market these days, so guys, you have no excuse! Try some glorious ladies perfume such as Chanel, Calvin Klein or Prada. Or why not invest in some beautiful jewellery as a special Valentine’s Day treat.

See here for other gift ideas for her and here for gift ideas for him.

Affiliates - this one’s for you. Get your Valentine’s banners in place early for some extra loving in the form of increased earnings this year. We have plenty of shapes, sizes and products available, just choose the one you prefer. Let us know if you have questions!


Scheduled Maintenance Thursday, January 20th 2011

Hi Publishers,

In order to improve our image serving abilities, we will be undergoing enterprise maintenance between the hours of 6am GMT - 11am GMT, Thursday January 20th.

Though we will make every effort to minimise any impact to our publishers, we do expect the below:

* Reporting: Thursday, January 20th traffic reporting will be delayed
* Images: Images will be compromised between the hours of 6am GMT - 11am GMT
* FTP Data Feeds: Feed delivery will be delayed due to process interruptions between the hours of 6am GMT and 11am GMT

Three cheers for images!
The Shopzilla Publisher Team

Publisher Portal Earnings Reports

year-of-the-rabbitThe Publisher Portal Earnings Reports seem to have scampered off to celebrate the start of the Year of the Rabbit…and has yet to return. We assure you that your traffic is being logged and that you will be credited for all good quality traffic, 2011 information is simply not yet displaying in the Publisher Portals. For those of you who receive email reporting, you are in the clear.

We expect to release a fix for this issue, allowing you to view all 2011 activity, Thursday, January 6th. Should you have any reporting needs in the interim, please feel free to contact us.

*PLEASE NOTE Since this post was published, the issue with the earnings reports has now been fixed. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Here’s to a Glorious Affiliate Marketing Filled 2011

Make 2011 your best affiliate year yet...

Make 2011 your best affiliate year yet...

Firstly, happy new year to you all! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and are now ready to get back into the swing of things? Shopzilla certainly is and we’re on hand to help out with any questions you may have on the API, FTP Data Feeds, dynamic banners or our affiliate program itself.

Promotions to watch out for in the next few months:

Valentine’s Day - February 14th

Pancake Day - March 8th

Comic Relief - March 18th

Mother’s Day - April 3rd

Easter buys and holiday essentials - April 22nd & 25th

Royal Wedding - April 29th (see our post on sapphire engagement rings!)

Keep an eye out for updates on the Publisher blog and handy hints for content and banners to include on your site. Also, have a look at our affiliate resolutions blog post from 2010 for new-found inspiration this year.

Let us know if you have any questions and as always, good quality content often makes for good quality traffic!

Once again a very happy new year to you all and here’s to a prosperous 2011!

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