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The Angiras Foundation is a charitable foundation dedicated to providing opportunities to economically disadvantaged students. Our primary beneficiaries are college bound students in India . The criteria for scholarship selection is based on financial need, academic ability and chosen course of study. In addition we limit scholarships to a select number of colleges. The following courses of study are eligible for scholarships:                                 

  • Engineering
  • Computer science

The Angiras Foundation and its predecessor, has been providing scholarships since 1998. The following chart illustrates the number of scholarship recipients for each year since our inception:

The typical annual scholarship ranges from US$200 to US$700. While this is a small amount by U.S. standards, it is sufficient to cover the books at many Indian colleges.

There are a number of aspects that make us unique:

  • Limited administrative costs. The majority of our funds go to scholarships and career development seminars.
  • Promotion of service. While our primary objective is to help students and their families become independent, we strongly promote the idea of giving back to society.
  • Equal opportunity. We do not discriminate on the basis of religion or gender.

Our headquarters   are   located in McKinney (Texas) USA. We have administrative offices in the following cities in India: Amravati (Maharashtra), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Jodhpur and Pilani, (Rajasthan).


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