Latest Update: 24.07.11
There is now a small page about Street Fighter X Tekken.
Latest News: 29.11.11
Final Fight Double Impact is the deal of the week offer this week on Xbox Live, costing 400 points instead of 800 points, for one week only.
Video of the Moment:
Rolento is in Street Fighter X Tekken

Final Fight Video Games
This section has information on all the Final Fight games available, such as the original arcade game, the SNES sequels and more obscure stuff like Final Fight Revenge.

Other Games & Cameos
Here you can find out about the other games that Final Fight characters have made appearances in, such as Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Music Database
MP3 versions of the music from the games can be found here.

Street Fighter The Animated Series: The Final Fight Episode
In 1995 there was a Street Fighter cartoon series. One of the last episodes of this show featured Final Fight characters and this section takes a look at it.

Final Fight Scans
This section has scans of box art, manuals and magazine reviews.

Other Features
Some odds and ends are in this section, such as a look at the Final Fight characters in the Street Fighter Alpha anime.