First shipping emails hit inboxes

May 21, 2010
Posted by: gruso

This is the email that a handful of lucky folk have received today. It’s a slow and steady start, but with Fatih due to arrive tomorrow, EvilDragon arriving on Monday, and other volunteers on the way including benevolent forum mod x68000, production should hit 88mph in no time. If you’ve received your confirmation email, insert gloat below!


  1. First post ! Sorry…

    I looking forward to all the Pandora report on the forum :)
    It’s nice to know the whole team is coming to the UK for assembly.

  2. whos the lucky guy/gal to get the absolute first one out the door? (not that itll matter… the floodgates have opened)

    • The first report on the forums was from Socket. There are a couple of reports in the previous post’s comments too. Not sure who the real number one is though!

      • Socket was the first post by a long interval. However, we cannot tell who was the first to get an email. Definitely no idea who receives the first Pandora. Taking location and shipping into account.

  3. Congrats to those who got that email today. I’m looking forward to receiving it on monday or tuesday myself. I really started to believe this day would never come, but I’m glad it’s finally here.

  4. Hahahahah!!! I haven’t even ordered yet and I’m overflowing with joy!

    • i share your joy :D

      i wont get mine for a while (i’m in the later half of the first batch), but this is awesome news!

  5. Nah, fukkit, I’m cancelling my order tomorrow. Fed up of waiting.

    • i hope your joking!

      • Haha, of course :-D I’m miles down the queue but it’s really good to see them getting out the door

  6. Joy joy joy!! I hope ED get them soon and ship them to Holland… lol from point A to Z and then to K… LMAO

    • Me too.

      haha, the Dutch are waiting hahahaha

  7. I was 2 months away from cancelling, after 2 years I am glad I stuck with them.

    • Always 2 months.

  8. For the GAF crew:


    Believe. :P

    • What’s with the Sew?

      • Always doing silly variations on the nick for some reason. XBL gamertag Gruseaux, for example. Mostly Gruso though. :)

  9. gloat

    • Goat! I have no email so this is as close as I can get to a gloat at the moment. :)

  10. When will the Chinese send the remaining cases to complete the first 4.000 batch?

    • Awaiting confirmation on this.

      • Has it been confirmed yet? Has it been confirmed yet? Has it been confirmed yet? … ad nauseum

        • Really, can someone just ask Craig if as well as thinking “Wow, these painted cases are great… let’s build!” He also thought, “…and while I’m at it, I’ll send an e-mail to the Chinese to get on with the rest of the cases!”.

          If not, then that’s not so hot. :O/

          If yes, then great. :O)

          Either way, let’s know so that people stop asking?!?!!?!?

  11. should hit 88mph in no time.

    Sounds like Gruso wants to go BACK in time so he can wait two more months!

    • Great scott!

      • This is heavy!

    • Chuck another banana skin in Mr. Fusion and lets go!

  12. Can’t believe no-one has picked up on the Back to the Future reference, ah well.

    I could be anywhere between 500 and 1000 judging by the slight variation between Jacquelyn’s estimates and reality but am very excited that Pandoras are out in the wild.

    • I now have this image in my head of zoomorphic pandori in the Sub-Saharan wilderness

      “Born freeeeeee…” (of DRM)

  13. Argh, ninj’d by lulz. Knock knock McFly!

  14. Please don’t forget us other 3000! Don’t keep us in the dark, Pandora team! When will we get ours?

    • 2 months.

  15. I’m number 70ish so it’s gonna happen soon soon soon… Yeah!

    • Actually, a guy who is a lot further down the queue than you are (talking in the two-hundreds) has already received his shipping confirmation email. So you might be waiting for a while yet.

      • Sound me like Brandon gave Craigix his order number. :)

  16. Timestamp of my order confirmation e-mail:

    Wed, 1 Oct 2008 22:45:13 +0100 (BST)

    I hope that puts me in the first 1000!

    • It probably does, I’m 1500-1600 on Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 4:07 PM PST (unless that was during PDT, I can never recall when that silliness happens.

  17. All I can do is smile. :)

    Anybody need a Gray’s Sports Almanac from 2015? It’s sorta out of date now.

  18. I guess I’ll get mine in 2 months

    • Have faith your future Grandson should be knocking on the door with it any time soon.

  19. I was not one of the lucky ones, but I am still very excited. Now I know I soon will be using my very own Pandora. It will be great to emulate my favorite Atari computers.

  20. :-D

    • nice touch

    • Concise and elegant.

      • Look at that subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my God , it even has a watermark.

        • :D

  21. Holy cow! I never thought I’d see the moment!

    I’m a bit worried, because I can’t even find a confirmation email that the pandora was ordered, although I’ve put the money through.
    Money was put through on 3/4/2009 too, so it was a reasonable while back
    Time to be scared that I won’t end up getting one..

  22. I’m in the 3000-3500 xD. It’s gonna be a while and even though I bought in Feb 2009 (or 08?. xD I forgot) I’ve gotten used to this waiting but I’m overfilled with joy. My friend down under feels the same way…

    • By friend down under, do you mean your sexual organs? ;OP

  23. Guys, calm down, it’s still got to actually, you know, /ship/ (i.e. leave Craigix’s front door). A whole lot of things goes on right outside Craigix’s front door. Like, volcanoes. “Two months” has always been a safe bet.

    • Did you miss the part where it said, “This is to confirm your Pandora has been shipped”?

      • nothing prevents the pandora from being stolen at the way

      • I am missing the part which says “and this is its tracking number GBZZZXXXXXXX”

        Still waiting for confirmation of confirmation of ordering cases…

      • Only they haven’t shipped yet.

  24. I ordered about 5:30pm (GMT) on the day the preorders started. I assume this means I’m quite far up the list?

  25. Also Craig just said on Twitter that the first 50 missed the post so wont arrive until early next week, he also said that another 50 should be completed before the end of today.

  26. I wonder if someone will reply to such an email with:

    “I am sorry, but this must be a mistake. I can’t remember that I have ordered something called a Pandora.”


    • Chances are, not many.

  27. I’m #39ish .. Tempting to make a tshirt for the top 10ers :P (pandora icon with -believe- written on it). Or craigs mug with the wooly mammoth hat :)


  28. What about the 800 boards with the correct resistor? Has Craig received these or does production halt at around pandora #700

  29. I got the email! I was told that my position in the queue was between 20 and 100! WOOTen!

  30. Gloat!
    Not sure which number i was in queue, but must have ordered within the first 3 minutes or so.

  31. Well, according to Craig’s twitter. X86000 just took home his MP Pandora.

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