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Final Fantasy V Dear Friends

  • Released 1994-11-26 by Squaresoft
  • Catalog no. PSCN-5018
  • Retail price 2500 yen


One disc (55 minutes)

  1. Ahead on Our Way MP3 sample
  2. Lenna's Theme
  3. Pirates Ahoy MP3 sample
  4. Critter Tripper Fritter!?
  5. Intension of the Earth
  6. My Home, Sweet Home MP3 sample
  7. The Land Unknown
  8. Tenderness in the Air
  9. Waltz Suomi (a.k.a. Waltz Clavier)
  10. Fate in Haze
  11. As I Feel, You Feel
  12. Musica Machina MP3 sample
  13. Music Box
  14. Dear Friends MP3 sample

Submission Credits

Jason Strohmaier (CD info), Adam Page (cover pic)