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Chocobo Racing Original Soundtrack

  • Released 1999-03-25 by DigiCube
  • Catalog no. SSCX-10030
  • Retail price 2039 yen


One disc (57 minutes)

  1. Dash de Chocobo
  2. Choose A Chocobo
  3. Chocobo's Theme
  4. Cid's Theme (FF4 'Hey Cid!')
  5. Mogri's Theme (FF5 'Critter Tripper Fritter!? ~ Mogri Theme')
  6. Pleasant Journey (FF3 'Good 'ol Fellows')
  7. Golem's Theme (FF2 'Ancient Castle')
  8. Goblin's Theme (FF5 'Pirates Ahoy')
  9. Bizarre Mystery (FF3 'This Is the Last Battle')
  10. Black Mage's Theme (FF4 'Mystic Mysidia')
  11. White Mage's Theme (FF1 'City Theme')
  12. Crystal Legend (FF1 'Prelude')
  13. Fatty Chocobo's Theme (FF4 'Hello! Big Chocobo!')
  14. Behemoth's Theme (FF3 'Crystal Cave')
  15. Phantom Beast Lord (FF6 'Opening Theme' & FF5 'Book of Sealing')
  16. Make A Chocobo
  17. Cid's Test Course
  18. Mogri Forest (FF6 Special Tracks 'Town 2')
  19. Ruins of The Giants (FF3 'Battle 2')
  20. Mithril Mines (FF1 'Gurugu Volcano')
  21. House of Black (FF2 'Magician's Tower')
  22. Mysidia's Sky Garden (FF5 'Ending Theme ~ The New Origin')
  23. Hungry Land
  24. Gurugu Volcano (FF2 'Battle 2')
  25. Illusion World (FF3 'This Is The Last Battle')
  26. FF8 Circuit (FF8 'Don't Be Afraid')
  27. WIN! (FF1-6 'Fanfare')
  28. LOSE....
  29. The World's Tomorrow
  30. Treasure Chest of The Heart


  • All tracks originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu, except for track 30 by Kenji Ito.

Submission Credits

Aaron Lau (CD info), Kurt Kalata (samples)