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Television Review: Camp Lazlo

Potty humor and pranks rule in uneven cartoon.
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Common Sense Rating:  for ages 7+ Stars: 2 out of 5 (About Common Sense Ratings)
TV Rating: TV-Y7 Genre: Children, Cartoons, & Animation 

What Parents Should Know
Parents need to know that this show is centered completely around boys and has no educational content. Though the characters can get up to silly and harmless pranks, some of the plot lines can be a bit more questionable. In one episode a character pulls down every one's pants in the entire camp. That's the plot. You get the idea -- goofy jokes are the highlight of this cartoon. Some kids may be inclined to imitate some of these behaviors/pranks.

Families can talk about teasing and being teased. When is it okay and when is it just not funny anymore?

What are the worst elements of being at summer camp? Peer pressure and humiliation. At CAMP LAZLO, the camp's director, Scout Master Lumpus, is the primary malignant, greedy character who yells at the campers and ends up getting his just desserts in the end. The Jelly Bean scouts of Camp Kidney are comprised of Lazlo the monkey, his friends Clam the rhinoceros, Raj the elephant, and other animal scout characters. The ringleader, Lazlo is a likeable enough character whose friends are pretty funny sidekicks. Since Lazlo is usually pitted against authority, he possesses the innocent rebellious quality of a trickster. However, when Scout Master Lumpus gets angry, his yelling can be frightening, even if Lazlo does not take him seriously.

Potty humor, practical jokes, silly comments, and strange hazing rituals make CAMP LAZLO an unpredictable show for younger viewers. Though the funny moments are worth the giggle, getting to the punchline could teach kids some unwelcome lessons. You might want to preview this one before you allow your kids to watch.

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Television Review: Camp Lazlo

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