2 Pounds 1998
bimetallic 28.4mm

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1 Pound 1969-80

Coins and banknotes of the islands of Alderney and Guernsey in the Bailiwick of Guernsey, English Channel Islands

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1829 - 1848 80 Guernsey Doubles = 1 French Franc
1848 - 1850 2040 Guernsey Doubles = 1 Pound Sterling (= gold Sovereign)
1870 - 1921 2016 Guernsey Doubles = 1 Pound Sterling (= gold Sovereign)
1921 - 1971 1920 Guernsey Doubles = 1 Guernsey Pound (banknote) = 1 Pound Sterling
1940 - 1945 1920 Guernsey Doubles = 7.00 - 9.60 German Reichsmarks
1971 - present 100 Guernsey (New) Pence = 1 Guernsey Pound = 1 Pound Sterling
A Catalogue of Original Documents Relating to the Monetary History of Guernsey
- especially interested during the Germany occupation 1940-5.

Has Guernsey the World's most boring coins?

8 Doubles 1834, rev
8 Doubles 1834

«-  No change in 100 years!  -»
Bronze coins replaced during
decimalization in 1971 were
little different from coppers
first issued in 1830.

Now things have changed ...

8 Doubles 1934, rev
8 Doubles 1934

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