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Britons living in SA to enjoy royal wedding  
Nadia Neophytou | 28 Apr 2011

With just a day to go before the much anticipated royal wedding, Britons living in South Africa are also marking the big day.

The British High Commissioner is hosting a garden party in Pretoria on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding day.

Guests will be able to watch the lavish ceremony on a big screen.

The royal couple will tie the knot in Westminster Abbey on 29 April.

The High Commission’s Gary Benham said, “We think that the 5.5 million British citizens living overseas including the 500,000 that live here in South Africa will enjoy their special day, which we know will be an impressive spectacle showcasing some of the things that we do best which is the whole pumping ceremony thing.”

(Edited by Lindiwe Mlandu)


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