Sony: it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition

But, "there's still a lot of unfinished business on PS3."

Having given Microsoft a year's head start in the current generation, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan said it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to repeat that for the next-generation.

Speaking to Eurogamer TV this afternoon at a press event for PlayStation Vita in London, Ryan, who stepped up to the SCEE top job in the summer, said: "I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation]."

With Wii U out next year and Microsoft expected to reveal the next Xbox in 2012 amid suggestions that a number of studios are already making games for a 2013 launch, industry chatter regarding a PlayStation 3 successor has been considerably more muted.

This, coupled with Sony's overall financial position, has led to speculation that the company is behind its rivals with its next-generation planning.

Ryan defended Sony's strategy, insisting: "There's still a lot of unfinished business on PS3."

He added: "If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of 120 or lower. [With PS3] we've only just hit 199 in the UK, so clearly there's a considerable untapped part of the market there."

Last week Edge reported that a first-party Sony studio had ceased PS3 development and moved onto PS4 development. The unnamed developer is also apparently involved in building the graphics technology for Sony's next system.

It then said Guerrilla Games was making a new Killzone game - for PlayStation 4?

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  • RodHull #1 1d ago

    More nebulous comments from the console mouthpieces. Unless there's a sneaky leak like there was back in 2005 prior to the E3 reveal of the 360, we will hear naff all until at least June next year. But hey, I love a bit of random speculation as much as the next person, and I heard that the PS4 will be powered by an actual cloud and have graphics courtesy of on an overclocked Matrox Mystique.

  • MaoZedong #2 1d ago

    And therein lies Sony's big problem.

  • bdc #3 1d ago

    Nobody cares about how well the PS2 did, it had no significant rivals until a year later so it's pointless comparing the PS3 to that. The PS3 was out a year later, not before.

  • Lamb #4 1d ago

    Pinball, pinball, pinball. I don't want to zoom out on the multiball! Bring PS4 out NOW! (Marvel Pinball)

    Thats actually my only reason and how come no one has put button flippers on the side of a keyboard $$$$! :D

  • evnewell #5 1d ago

    I have been a Sony loyalist for over a decade now, but this generation has caused me to peer longingly at the Xbox camp. with face-offs almost always going to Xbox, and XBLA exclusives kicking ass... I might decide to turn cloak.

    I can only imagine the NexBox is going to kick ass.

    I like kicking ass.

  • jarvisio #6 1d ago

    @evnewell No point being a loyalist to any of the big companies, they aren't loyal to you! Go where the games and offerings suit you best!

  • OnlyMe #7 1d ago

    I'm a game loyalist, I'm loyal to the games that are loyal enough to provide me entertainment. If it isn't I'm disloyal to it and focus my loyalty on some other more loyal games.

  • digoutyoursoul #8 1d ago

    @evnewell how can you be loyal to a brand/company? do they pay you? what if something better appears and you wont budge due to some placebo loyalty?

  • Machetazo #9 1d ago

    They don't necessarily need to launch before Microsoft, but Sony cannot allow Microsoft free run on the media, like they were forced to with PS3. That continues to bite them in the hehind, every time a multiplatform game trailer runs and ends with an xbox promo, leaving a percentage of the audience to wonder how Sony could have been so arrogant. They cannot afford to repeat that mistake.

  • digoutyoursoul #10 1d ago

    when they do show off playstation 4, actually show games running on the hardware and please stop with all this "emotion engine" "the cell" pr/marketing bullshit.

    sure a few derranged fanturds will buy the hype but you would be better off showing the positives about the machine and its games, not some codename for a chipset hoping to deliver dark of the moon special effects in a few years time.

    games/improved psn and attractive price point - thats all you need to do sony then take it from there.

  • StolenGlory #11 1d ago

    Unfinished business? Presumably that entails unfulfilled promises too?

  • Rajin #12 1d ago


    That's the irrational part about being a fanboy, you can try rationalize it.

    But fanboyism or ''loyalty'' will always be there, be it consoles games(battlefield vs COD) company's(Bioware, Square Enix)

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  • lambchop #13 1d ago


  • gotyourmoney #14 1d ago

    it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition
    Let me just dust off my ancient tome of 'One-Liners That Were Never Witty And Would Certainly Be Looked Down Upon In The Coming Centuries,' I'm sure there's something appropriate.

    "That's what she said!"


    "Uh, hello!"


    "No shit, Sherlock!"

    There we are.

  • RandomTerrain #15 1d ago

    Bit of a dillema for Sony, they want to make the most of PS3 but don't want to be left behind in the next generation. I don't envy them, tough decision!

    I'll probably stick with Playstation as I always have but as stated above by others, it's mostly down to who has the best games at the end of the day. I'll stay loyal if they continue to suit me better than the opposition, simple as that.

  • Drygore #16 1d ago

    I own all consoles plus PC. I (sadly, due to time) like'em all. But yeah, the 360 overall wins the multiplatform experience. But at the same time they're not even close to all the PS3's exclusives. That's one thing Sony's done right, owning all those first party studios, and that will ofc benefit them in the long run.

  • JawzPause #17 1d ago

    A new IP by GG as a launch title on PS4 would be a brilliant idea, it could demonstrate the graphical capabilities of the PS4, and who better to do that other than GG.
    And yes, i think Killzone 2/3 are the best looking games on the PS3 at the moment.

  • Drygore #18 1d ago


    KZ 2 and 3 look awesome, but UC 2 and 3 takes the crown in my book. :-]

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  • Drygore #19 1d ago

    God of War 3 shouldn't be ashamed either ;-]

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  • PeacockDreams #20 1d ago

    @evnewell i negged you for using the word 'NexBox'

    That is all

  • weebl #21 1d ago

    Somehow Sony is now in a position when it has to jump at the exact time that Microsoft does to not be left behind, yet try and continue with the PS3 to keep the momentum going and recover funds. I wonder how quickly they can come up with a processor and GPU when they need to, and whether it would match up to Microsoft's?

  • Yeoung #22 1d ago

    Con's of releasing early

    - A rushed console release will bring a weak launch line-up with it thus lowering incentive for purchase

    - A console with only minor hardware updates and tweaks will result in a questionable next-gen status, lowering incentive for purchase

    - Trying to maintain a flourishing PS3 with 1st/3rd party support whilst also trying to push a new console will end up with a divide in selection

    Pro's of releasing early

    - You won't be the fat kid trying to catch up the Microsoft and Ninty which will have lured in defectee's from the Sony camp

    - You'll satisfy shareholders on short term, by not making the same "mistake" as with the last late entrypoint.

    That's as far as I get. I say steady as she goes, and release a new console when it's damn well ready, and more importantly, NECESSARY.

  • Gama_888 #23 1d ago

    Surely Sony arent looking at the Ps2's performance as a base for what they expect from Ps3.
    Ps2 won the last console generation, Ps3 will not win this.
    Fair enough Sony clearly See that they can drop the price of Ps3 more and naturally this will lead to more sales, But they cant wait for Ps3 to pick up before they Get Ps4 out the door.

  • suhawk75 #24 1d ago

    I know it's sold 70 million and, in that respect, can be considered successful but I do wonder if the PSP (and getting into the handheld market) has harmed Sony in the long run.

    It must have diverted their attention from the PS3 (both during the development of the hardware and because their 1st party studies were expected to support the PSP which limited their resources put towards the early PS3 titles)

    I know there were other reasons for the PS3 struggling but I wonder if this contributed to a company that took it's eye off the ball.

  • cheeky_BILLY #25 1d ago

    I am a big fan of Sony and the PS3, but even I can't deny that they have well and truly had their pants pulled down by MS over the years.

    I remember some chap from MS saying when the first Xbox came out that MS were in the gaming industry to win and be the best. I'm not saying they are, but no one can deny that MS have done some pretty great things to the console sector, which have left Sony standing around wondering what happened. Xbox live, Forza , Halo. Gears , Kinect ,love or hate em, alll great products. Sony have never really got into their stride with the PS3.

    Although I do think it's a great MEDIA machine what with blu ray,playTV, browser and a selection of apps.but as a dedicated gaming device with a competent online service it's a bit hit and miss really

    .personally, not having a massive amount of time to play games, it suits me fine, but if your a hardcore console gamer, I think the Xbox/XBL can't be beat.

    Sony need to get everything right with the PS4 otherwise MS will be there ready to pounce.

  • betrayerofhope #26 1d ago

    @ cheeky billy.

    you're having a laugh. the ps3 is only a couple of million behind xbox inspite of launching a whole year ahead of the ps3.

    sony should do what they always used to do. ignore the competition and do their own thing. focus on themselves rather than what redmond is doing.

  • The-Bodybuilder #27 1d ago

    Sony are just waiting for Cyberdyne to complete the development of their chipset that will power their sonynet cloud system.

    It will know and track everything you do. It will see now why you cry, but it is something it will never do.

    Goodbye, John.

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  • LEONOFDEATH #28 1d ago

    Id much rather Naughty Dog were that company, GG just arent as good as ND, I dont think.

    They made some silly mistakes with KZ3s looks.

  • chessboxer #29 1d ago


    Graphically the only problem I had with KZ3 was that the MLAA implementation was not as strong as it was in God Of War 3. Other than that, it's an exceptional looking game. It also has the best water effects I have ever seen in a game.

    I think it would be a good idea to get feedback from all of their top studios (Santa Monica, GG, ND, Polyphony etc) with the PS4 development.

  • Hindle #30 1d ago

    I'm starting to think the next gen is further away then expected.

  • Ryze #31 1d ago

    it would be "undesirable" for PS4 to launch significantly later than the competition

    It'd be undesirable for PS4 to launch with OS and h/w in a comparable state to the PS3 at launch. A waste of money - I feel sorry for those suckers who paid 425 for an incomplete Linux box / Blu-ray player with 256MB RAM.

    Nice recovery under Kaz, however.

  • Mister-Wario #32 1d ago

    Eh, I got a PS3 around this time last year so I have no plans to upgrade any time soon. It's a great console: not perfect but it does plenty for me. To a degree I think some of the graphics are looking a bit dated but overall I've been really happy with the games that came out this year, and look forward to the future.

  • king26 #33 1d ago

    I'm not fussed tbh. I believe that there's a couple of years left in the old boy yet! If it's only graphics that will be improved upon (in the early stages) then I'll happily wait. Playstation has some amazing exclusives, I hope they keep their sequels i.e Killzone, God of War, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo and new IPs from Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Quantic Dream and Sucker Punch all for the next gen console. But not rush them in time for launch.

  • smelck #34 1d ago


    +1 ...great post :)

  • Moz #35 1d ago

    @digoutyoursoul Apologies but the pedant in me has to point that "the emotion engine" and "the cell" are 2 totally different "things" the "emotion engine" was indeed nothing more then a flashy marketing name but the technology it represented did bring some genuine advances in console graphics.
    Where as "the cell" is just the name given to the chip by IBM years before Sony even decided to use it for the PS3 and was namde due to its unique structure. Sadly Sony jumped on the Cell train too early in it development and IBM failed to deliver on what they said was capable of. The software has now finally court up with the Hardware but it's too late for PS3 as the shoe horned in GSX gets in the way.

  • Valland #36 23h ago

    We already looked at this in Purchasing Decisions and Supply Chain Management class; MS found already when releasing the Xbox that being first in releasing a next-generation console means more people will buy your product, they took advantage of this when releasing Xbox360 earlier than Sony's PS3 (at the cost of a high hardware failure rate because of cheap&quick; production process) and it doesn't surprise me if this time its no different.

    Here's hoping Sony focuses on quality and reliability rather than rushing the release of PS4.

  • TazerFan #37 20h ago

    Wow. Nearing the end of 2011, and fanboyism and console wars are still actually happening. Even on Eurogamer.

  • rob76 #38 19h ago

    already bored of this rumour/gossip shite...2 more years to go (at least).

  • Inmediasress #39 17h ago

    Sony fucked up not just by releasing their console late but the reason for that was to make it a power house with Blue ray mediacenter.

    That in itself was lame, it pushed the price to the sky and there is no reason for BL since even today it is not as widespread as DVDs. You can argue that point but the wide spread of media is correspondent with piracy.
    The reason is simple, it is still rather expensive to buy a Bl writer and to buy blank BL discs and usually, pirates are the poor kind of people in the poor(ish) countries.
    This afforded them piracy protection but at the cost of almost a year of delay, to have a more powerfull console that isn't used by only a handful of devs?
    The PS3 has a rather different architecture to a PC, but the XBOX360 is similar and devs can usually work wonders with multiplat titles with the XBOX360.
    This gens multiplat curve goes like this in most cases XBOX360->PC->PS3.

    With the PC versions sometimes being equal with the XBOX or a bit better with graphics but most of the time just plain console ports and the PS3 just lags behind mostly, in very bad shape with serious performance issues.
    This and the massive amounts of money M$ put behind their console sealed the console race for this gen.

    Next gen Sony needs to release console simultaneously or better a bit sooner then M$ and make them more accessible to devs.
    The consoles should be a bit more standardized to have good multiplat titles, lest they get caught on their own arguments against PC diversity.
    Sony also has to stand more firmly behind their console like M$ and bully back.

    The thing is that I find the lackluster info about the PS4 very alarming.
    Sony may well draw, the short end of the stick especially if the new Ninty console also starts to play ball with the heavy hitters.
    This could lead to even more ground lost by Sony next gen which could mean that by the end of the next gen era Sonycould be pushed further out of the market almost entirely.

    This is my insight, personal opinion no one needs to agree.

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  • Sodding_Gamer #40 17h ago

    Off topic: You know what. Everytime I look at that picture of the original design for the PS3 controller. I always think I would prefer it. So much easier to hold, and more comfortable. I hate my PS3 controller!!

  • gotyourmoney #41 17h ago

    I know what you mean. I would have used it to hunt kangaroos.

    Honestly though, I don't like any of these pads, clearly either my hands are fucked or none of them are designed for using four fingers on the shoulder buttons, which makes playing excellent games like AC4/FA and Project Sylpheed a miserable experience.

  • TheLastProphet #42 16h ago

    It will never happen, but it would be awesome if Microsoft reunited the Bizarre Creations team to make PGR5 as a launch title for the next Xbox

  • Zomeguy #43 16h ago

    And the marketing campaigns have started...

  • Sodding_Gamer #44 16h ago


    haha yeah it is huge I know, but the PS3 controller we all use at the moment seems way to small, feels like it will slip out of my hand at any moment. Plus my six-axis controller has no weight at all. Feels so cheap! I prefer my xbox controller to be honest.

    Hopefully for the PS4 they won't keep the same controller design... AGAIN! Mix it up a little Sony!

  • DAN.E.B #45 16h ago

    For the love of god DESIGN A NEW CONTROLLER!!!

  • GAmbrose #46 16h ago


    I seem to remember the Dreamcast launching a whole year before the PS2 actually, and in many ways it was a better console. Certainly the graphics were almost on par, the controller was good, it came with a modem etc etc.

    Sadly SEGA failed to get EA on board and a lot of people ended up just waiting for the PS2 launch to see what Sony would come up with. I bought both on launchday and I have to say Sony really didn't have much to offer from the off...When the best launch title* was a weird 'shoot the 2d fireworks' game (Fantavision) you've got to ask questions...still we all know what happened and the PS2 blazed a trail through the competition despite being a bit underwhelming for the first 6 months.

    *SSX was also good.

  • Atropos #47 16h ago

    It's about games, at the end of the day, and as long as the PS3 exclusives wipe the ever-living floor with the X360-ones, I'll still get whatever Sony's shilling. I have all current-gen consoles, and the last time I even started the X360 was for Gears of War 3, and before that Mass Effect 2. The PS3 on the other hand had Uncharted 3, Hard Rain, God of War, Ico & Shadow pack, and the sublime Demon's Souls.

    I guess I'm biased because I can't stand Halo, but there you go.

  • anthonypappa #48 15h ago

    i suppose it won't be as expensive this time. but then, components like blu-ray and wifi are now cheap anyway. should be good, a late 2013 is fine.

    still very much looking forward to the GTA 5 and max payne 3, this generation... and where is agent? no doubt we'll have some other great games on the way and by late 2013 it will eventually feel like time for new consoles.

  • Mr.Spo #49 15h ago

    Undesirable, yes, but possibly unavoidable. Sony have lost billions on PS3 and have recouped next to nothing of that money so far--before a new console becomes a real possibility, they need to justify the costs of pushing ahead with a new machine and new development, which is one reason why I think Sony's next Playstation will either be a couple of years behind the competition, or it will not be a drastic step forward technology wise. It isn't just a case of the money the PS3 lost, either--Sony as a whole is under massive pressure right now, fighting not just Nintnedo and Microsoft, but Apple, Samsung, Google and others across multiple markets. They've lost their lead across almost the entire consumer electronics field, with the games industry just being one example of that. Japanese investors and analysts are really beginning to believe that Sony might never recover from the problems that have beset it these last few years.

    But just like Nintendo, I wouldn't write Sony off at all. Yes, they've lost their leadership position. Yes, they are under intense pressure from all angles. But if you look closely at their financials, the division that incorporates PlayStation devices is actually one of the best performing sections of the company. Whereas other divisions in Sony have floundered under pressure, the games division have responded to the initial failings of the PS3 incredibly strongly since 2009. The Vita is an excellent response to the failings of the PSP--yes, it sold 70 million units, but outside of Japan there was no real software ecosystem and the system died as a real competitive force in 2008. On top of that, it didn't really dent Nintendo's control of handheld gaming, when it was originally meant to be the device that took that crown off of Nintendo, too.

    I think the other thing we have to be careful about, is just how different the industry is now compared to 5 or 6 years ago. Unlike many, I don't see this as spelling the end of traditional devices, so long as the platform holders continue to evolve and improve their services. More and more people are coming into gaming because of what Nintendo started years ago, and it's what Nintendo started that pulled the rug from under Sony's feet. The continuing expansion of the games market means that no-one can dominate it in the way that Sony did for years, which I believe is exactly what Nintendo wanted. A market that's so big, it doesn't matter if you can't control 50% or more of it, because you'll still reach tens of millions of consumers and sell hundreds of millions of software units. This is exactly where we've been heading. For all the doom and gloom, the games industry has never been bigger. Games have never been a part of culture and entertainment to the extent that they are now.

    Sony have a bigger market to sell to and compete for than they ever did during their years on top of the industry. Sure, they won't have a monopoly, but they should always have a fighting chance to build a good install base and make good money on videogames. They might not be able to go head to head with their rivals in a year or two with PS4, but will that matter?? Will it matter if PS3 sales are sustained for a year or two at a good profit, while Nintendo and Microsoft struggle to get their machine going?? Wii U could even extend third party support for PS3, with the devices (possibly) being at a similar technological level. I suppose my rambling point is that the traditional cycle doesn't need to be held to now--Nintendo need to move on because Wii has made all the major profit it can, but PS3 is really getting moving, and if the PlayStation brand could survive the last few years of Crazy Ken's reign, then it can survive a couple of years longer without a new home console on the market. Give Vita room to grow, first. See how the market and the development community respond to Wii U. Is there any need for a major jump forward if third parties are content with what Nintendo's machine can do?? I wouldn't write that possibility off--all signs are Nintendo have done some serious work on Wii U since E3 at third parties' requests. If they have a machine with a base level of current systems and a higher ceiling than current systems, then why would third parties want to massively increase their development budgets and cut into easy profit?? E3 will give us a better indication of where it stands, but I think Nintendo may be onto something there.

    If we consider that Wii, 360 and PS3 have all prospered alongside DS and PSP, alongside the growth of social network and smartphone gaming, it's difficult to understate just how much the industry continues to grow. Console gaming doesn't need to wander off into extinction to support new forms of gaming, and Sony's gaming business won't sink if it's a year or two behind the competition in such a big market. There's no sign any of this will collapse in on its head. Take your time, Sony, the market will still be there when you launch. What's more, it'll be easier to fight in the market if you take your time and come up with something different to what Nintendo and Microsoft are cooking up. After all, that's what did it for Nintendo with Wii and DS--they came up with something neither of their competitors could offer, and ran away to the bank with it.

  • Retro_ #50 14h ago

    You can be sure that the new xbox/PS4 will be very desirable to gamers and geek freaks alike.

  • A_Nonny #51 14h ago

    Spring 2013 for the next Xbox, winter 2013 for the next Playstation. That's my prediction.

  • TechnicPuppet #52 14h ago

    Wow there are some blinkered people in here who all prefer Sony exclusives strangely enough. Their exclusive strategy is a massive failure and they need to ditch it. They need to concentrate on a few AAA titles and improve 3rd party support.

  • Schmoke-n-a-pancake #53 13h ago

    Sony, as a whole, are completely on their arse.

    How they approach the PS4 will be very interesting. The tactics they used for PS1, 2 and 3, simply will not work.

    Edited by 1 at 24/11/11 @ 12:11
  • chris_ace #54 13h ago

    take your time.

    last thing i want is them to do a Microsoft, rush to release and have giant industrial size plastic hair dryer that breaks as soon as its switched on

  • kidscruff #55 13h ago

    I just bought a PS3, and ICO/SOTC collection. I will certainly buy The Last Guardian. That is all I want the PS3 for (maybe BBC iPlayer also)! My 360 has dutifully kept me busy with all the other games, most recently the awesome Skyrim!

  • DozyKipper #56 12h ago

    I'm wondering what this "unfinished business" is on PS3. I can't think of any big games coming out for the PS3 now from Sony's studios. Everything has gone quiet.

  • Matfink #57 12h ago

    @betrayerofhope "sony should do what they always used to do. ignore the competition and do their own thing"

    Then pay the price when no-one can develop for it.

  • Mughes #58 12h ago

    @TechnicPuppet How exactly would they improve third party support when practically every third party game is multiformat?

    And their 'failed' exclusives strategy is the reason I bought the PS3, since currently MS seem content to focus their resources on securing timed exclusivity of map packs.

  • Hellion83 #59 12h ago

    Its any easy decision folks...go where the Network is free..since PS3 has free service, I am only hoping PS4 goes the same route.. if they do, I will remain a Sony Loyalist. Never did like the 360 and the graphics are not all that different in reality. Heck the PS3 exclusives always looked better. All Sony needs to do is update their graphics ten fold, get AA, keep their service free, dont loose the HD collections, and try to get DLC same time as XBOX.

  • Oskool #60 5h ago

    I'm getting tired of paying for Xbox Live service. I've been paying the fees since 2006 and the price of the service has doubled since then.
    The only thing I want to do on Xbox Live is play multiplayer games. Microsoft keeps adding all this Twitter, Facebook and ESPN stuff and jacking the price up.
    I'm going to take a look at what the PS4 has to offer this time around. Hopefully their online service stays free.