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CAMRA LocAle - the new accreditation scheme to promote pubs that sell locally-brewed real ale, reducing the number of 'beer miles' and supporting your local breweries

So What's in it for me?

Stocking a local beer can enable you to differentiate yourself from other local pubs, thereby gaining you new customers and increasing your beer sales. Stocking locally brewed real ale will also give you business the edge over supermarkets and off licences selling low-cost mass-market lagers.

What's involved - can anyone join?

If you wish to benefit from participation in the CAMRA LocAle scheme you must agree to endeavour to ensure that at least one locally-brewed real ale is on sale at all times. Only real ale can be promoted as a CAMRA LocAle.

Joining the CAMRA LocAle initiative is Free and accreditation is easy, so, simply contact your local CAMRA branch to arrange.

Some of your questions answered…

Q   What is CAMRA's definition of local?

A   Each CAMRA branch participating in the scheme is able to decide on what they think is an appropriate definition of local for their area. For example, Nottingham CAMRA adopted a definition of 20 miles and York CAMRA has opted for a 25 miles definition. Simply contact your local CAMRA branch to find out what definition of local has been agreed on for your area.

Q   How is the distance between the brewery and my pub measured?

A   The distance is usually based on the shortest driving distance. This can be easily calculated by using website route planners, such as AA Route Planner and RAC Route Planner.

Q   What if beer from a brewery is delivered 50 miles away to a distribution centre before being delivered back to my pub only 10 miles away from the brewery?

A   Because the brewery is local to your pub then the beer still qualifies as a local beer. Encouraging pubs to serve local real ales is the first step to reducing beer miles.

Q   What about licensees who are prevented from stocking a local beer by their lease or tenancy agreement?

A   Our advice would be for you to speak to your Business Relationship Manager to see whether a special arrangement can be made to enable you to sell one local real ale. The Society of independent Brewers' Direct Delivery Scheme allows some lessees of Punch Taverns, Enterprise Inns and Admiral Taverns the option of stocking a real ale delivered direction from a local brewer.

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2 November 2010
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