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Posted by Smkrider   
Saturday, 04 October 2008 01:07

10/3/2008 8:00:18 PM


John "King of Pot, Godfather of Grass" Robert Boone

After having lived in Kentucky all of my life, I am almost embarrassed to say that until I listened to last nights news on a local channel in Louisville I had never even heard of “John Boone”.

According to the local news and “Americas Most Wanted”, Mr. Boone has had quite a reputation for the last 40 odd years.


Mr. Boone’s first documented run-in with the law came in late October 1969, when the ATF in Louisville arrested him on charges of possessing untaxed spirits and whiskey. Since then, he has been charged with multiple felony counts which include cultivating marijuana, wanton endangerment, drug trafficking, firearms and others.


The article goes on to say that Mr. Boone is considered a pioneer in the marijuana business. He was one of the first growers to separate the male plants from female plants, making the marijuana much more potent.


In 1987, law enforcement arrested Mr. Boone for Unlawfully Manufacturing in Excess of 1,000 Kilos of Marijuana in the state of Minnesota where he was growing with seeds that were imported from Russia.

With that arrest approximately 75 other participants of the Cornbread Mafia were apprehended and many millions of dollars worth of Marijuana was confiscated throughout the Midwestern States.

Mr. Boone was sentenced to 20 years in Federal Prison but was paroled in 1999.

In late May of this year, the KSP Marijuana Radication Team flew over his farm and noticed what looked like Marijuana plants on a wagon. Allegedly there were more than 900 plants on that wagon!

After obtaining a search warrant the KSPMRT and DEA Task Force discovered over 2,400 Marijuana plants.

According to the reports, Mr. Boone keeps a number of “Rottweiler’s” on his property which he allegedly had their “vocal chords” cut, in order to alleviate the noise of a pack of dogs approaching – to anyone that might stray onto his property. There are even stories of “rattlesnakes tied to posts around Boone’s Marijuana barns”...

Not even a $10,000.00 reward could get anyone in the area to “fess up” to knowing Mr. Boone.

OMERTA is subscribed to by many people in KY. The belief that “To never harm another” among other things, is a type of religious belief to these people.

Marshals in Louisville, KY believe that he is in Marion County KY. He was last seen in Raywick, KY and Campbellsville, KY. He also has property in Belize.


With the belief of “MERTA” among the Kentucky natives, it is unlikely that he will be turned in for the reward money.

Only time will tell if Mr. Boone will face the ever growing Government conspiracy against him.

The “Godfather of Grass” will remain a ghost in the wind, unless the law just happens upon him.

I, myself, have not seen anything to suggest that he is a dangerous person, just one who believes in what he believes in, and vow’s to “NEVER HARM ANOTHER”

If the law does catch up with him, he is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Isn’t it ironic that many violent offenders are being let out of Kentucky prisons at this time to accommodate overcrowding?

By: Sheree Krider


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