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FFXI 8th Anniversary – Memories of Dusk and Dawn

Music by: Corinth

Who thought we’d get some news before Vanafest?


To commemorate the 8th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix is putting out a music “best of” CD for FFXI.  It will be called “Final Fantasy XI 8th Anniversary – Memories of Dusk and Dawn”.  The twist to this new CD is that players will be able to vote for their favorite songs.  You are allowed to vote for 3 tracks from each of the previously released soundtrack albums for FFXI.  Voting will end on March 8th and the CD is scheduled to be released on May 12th for the very reasonable price of 1800 yen.

Please note that if you want to participate in the vote you have to have a Japanese Square Enix Members account.

So far this is only listed on the Japanese PlayOnline site.  We’ll have to wait and see if a similar project is in the works for players in other countries.


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