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Louisville Weather Records and Averages

Records and Averages

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MonthAvg. HighAvg. LowAvg. PrecipRec. HighRec. Low
January5.0 °C-4.0 °C8.33 cm25.0 °C(01/25/1950)-30.0 °C (01/19/1994)
February8.0 °C-2.0 °C8.26 cm25.6 °C(02/10/1932)-28.3 °C (02/02/1951)
March14.0 °C3.0 °C11.20 cm31.1 °C(03/25/1929)-18.3 °C (03/06/1960)
April19.0 °C8.0 °C9.93 cm32.8 °C(04/24/1960)-6.1 °C (04/18/1875)
May24.0 °C13.0 °C12.40 cm36.7 °C(05/28/1911)-0.6 °C (05/10/1966)
June28.0 °C18.0 °C9.55 cm38.9 °C(06/29/1952)5.6 °C (06/01/1966)
July31.0 °C21.0 °C10.92 cm41.7 °C(07/14/1936)9.4 °C (07/23/1947)
August30.0 °C20.0 °C8.66 cm40.6 °C(08/16/2007)7.2 °C (08/31/1946)
September26.0 °C16.0 °C7.75 cm40.0 °C(09/06/1954)0.6 °C (09/30/1949)
October20.0 °C9.0 °C7.09 cm33.3 °C(10/08/2007)-5.0 °C (10/22/1952)
November13.0 °C4.0 °C9.68 cm28.9 °C(11/17/1958)-18.3 °C (11/25/1950)
December7.0 °C-1.0 °C9.37 cm24.4 °C(12/03/1982)-26.1 °C (12/22/1989)

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