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Generates your geek code

Copyright © 1999-2003 Chris Gushue <>

This program will generate a geek code block for you by simply choosing which codes suit you from the screen. I am not a very good programmer, I just dabble a little every now and then. Originally, I started this project in Visual Basic, but decided to use DJGPP v2 instead, partially because it is free, partially because it is more portable, and partially because Visual Basic sucks :)

This software is no longer being updated and I offer no support at all.

The code has been successfully compiled on the following platforms:
  Linux 2.2 – Debian GNU/Linux (potato) – gcc-2.95.1/glibc-2.1.2
  Linux 2.0.34 – Debian 2.1 – gcc
  Linux 2.2 – RedHat 6.0 – egcs-2.91.66
  Linux 2.2.13 – SuSE 6.3 – gcc
  Linux 2.2 – Slackware 7.0 – pgcc 2.95.3/gcc 2.95.1/glibc 2.1.2
  Linux 2.3.99-pre6-000501-18smp – gcc 2.9-ia64-000216-final (IA-64)
  FreeBSD 2.2.6(kernel)/2.2.8(world) – gcc
  FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE – gcc
  FreeBSD 4.0-CURRENT – egcs-2.91.66
  NetBSD/i386 1.4.2_ALPHA
  SunOS 5.6 (Generic_105181-12 sun4m sparc) – gcc 2.8.1
  Solaris 7 – gcc 2.8.1
  OSF1 V4.0 878 alpha
  Irix 6.5 (64-bit)
  HP-UX 11.0
  Cray UnicosMk
  Windows 98 SE – DJGPP 2.01 (DOS)
  Windows (NT?) – MS VC++ 6 SP3
  BeOS 4.5.2 – gcc 2.9-beos-980929
  BeOS 5.0.3
  MacOS X (public beta) – cc (need to remove -s from CFLAGS – thanks Aaron Linville)
  MacOS X (Panther) (no CFLAGS hacking required apparently – thanks jc)
  OpenBSD 3.3-current with gcc 2.95.3 (i386 and sparc)
  Any many more…

If you have successfully (or unsuccessfully) compiled it on a different platform, let me know (although, judging from the above list, it should compile on pretty much anything).

Download the source:
  geekcode-1.0.tar.gz (46,055 bytes) [Aug 04 1999]
  geekcode-1.1.tar.gz (47,157 bytes) [Aug 29 1999]
  geekcode-1.2.tar.gz (48,135 bytes) [Aug 30 1999]
  geekcode-1.3.tar.gz (49,284 bytes) [Aug 31 1999]
  geekcode-1.4.tar.gz (49,346 bytes) [Sep 13 1999]
  geekcode-1.5.tar.gz (49,651 bytes) [Sep 20 1999]
  geekcode-1.6.tar.gz (49,828 bytes) [Feb 15 2000]
  geekcode-1.7.tar.gz (52,401 bytes) [Feb 21 2000]
  geekcode-1.7.2.tar.gz (60,544 bytes) [Jun 25 2003]
  geekcode-1.7.3.tar.gz (60,617 bytes) [Jun 30 2003]

Download the DOS and/or Windows executable: (50,171 bytes) (34,824 bytes) [from Kalle Berg] (52,218 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (93,215 bytes) [from Kalle Berg] (52,449 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (52,305 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (52,311 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (106,868 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (55,225 bytes) [from Pygmy Surfer] (44,871 bytes) (42,150 bytes) [compiled with MinGW]

Download the Debian package:

Download the RedHat packages:
  geekcode-1.5-1.i386.rpm (55,040 bytes)
  geekcode-1.5-1.src.rpm (51,710 bytes)
  geekcode-1.7-2.i386.rpm (57,645 bytes) [from Chris Ausbrooks]
  geekcode-1.7-2.src.rpm (55,104 bytes) [from Chris Ausbrooks]

Geekcode Generator 1.7.3 is also in Gentoo Linux:

I recently noticed that is is also in the FreeBSD ports collection and you can view the info here.

View the changelog
Freshmeat appindex for the Geek Code Generator.
BeBits listing (for BeOS)
Sourceforge entry for the Geek Code Generator.

My Geek Code:

Version: 3.12
GCS d- s+:- a- C++>$ UL+++ P+++ L+++ E--- W++ N++ o-- K- w---
O- M-- V-- PS+++ PE-->- Y+ PGP t+ 5+ X+ R- tv b++ DI++ D+
G+++ e h! r y+

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