A slide from Sony's 2005 PlayStation Meeting showing Sony's plans for the PlayStation 3.

It's well known now that Sony will be having a big Tokyo press event on the 27th where it will unveil the PlayStation Portable 2. An analyst has clued us in to the event's name: "PlayStation Meeting."

Sony used to have PlayStation Meeting events periodically, but Thursday's installment will be the first event with the name in six years.

The last time Sony had a PlayStation Meeting was July 25, 2005. Then CEO Ken Kutaragi outlined Sony's PlayStation 3 plans through slides (see this story at IGN for a recap), Namco Bandai showed a live demonstration of what would become its terrible PS3 Gundam launch game, and we first heard the title "Lair" for Factor 5's new PS3 game. (There's a full index of happenings at IGN).

Analyst Yasuaki Fujima mentioned the PlayStation Meeting name in a Tweet earlier this week. He said that we can probably expect unexpected major announcements simply because the timing of the event comes ahead of Sony's third quarter earnings announcement, which is scheduled for February 3. He also added that it's possible to view the event as Sony's means of dealing with the 3DS by turning the attention onto itself.

The revival of the PlayStation Meeting name sounds like a perfect occasion to take the lid of PlayStation Portable's successor.






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  • Unexpected major announcements? Can't just be the PSP2 then since everyone and their cat knows it's coming.

  • @Astraea, unexpected major announcements might be games, or the features in the new PSP.

  • Finally should be getting some PSP2 details. Wonder if it'll get the same 1st party treatment that the PS3 is getting.

  • @SlashZaku I don't think that's possible. Sony has a ton of studios but there is a definite amount. Most are working on high-profile PS3 titles right now... unless there are unmentioned teams that are working on PSP2 projects. Japan Studio is a given.

  • let's see the PSP2 sony :D

    and please let it be Region Free.

  • Did this analyst give any facts for the meeting being called this or did he just say.. it was ... based off his own pure imagination.

    I fear many people being disappointed if he just used this name as a fraise of speech or suggestion.. rather than hard fact.

  • He referred to it specifically as PlayStation Meeting, in quotes, and said it was the first one in 6 years.

  • @ Surfaced:

    I don't think it's entirely unreasonable that some of their studios could have 'PSP' offshoot teams to do their own thing/IPs on the PSP2. Have a team working on PS3 titles, and another working on PSP2 titles. I figure the Japan branch is obviously already going to front load on this but I'd like to see what the talent at the likes of Guerrilla Games, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and some of their 2nd parties (such as Sucker Punch) can do with it.

    I just want to see a driven 1st party effort on their 2nd go and not specifically spin-offs/downscaled adventures from the PS3 that are being handed off to 2nd parties (like the GoW, Jak/Ratchet, etc. games). Some new IPs from them given life on the PSP2.

    3rd party support should be interesting nonetheless. Really hoping it doesn't turn into a PS3/360 affair where a bunch of the stuff is MP. That's one of the things the handheld market has had gone going for it: the diversity between platforms. Really interested in finding out what certain publishers have lined up.

  • Yes, I agree with you SlashZaku. It is very likely that most of Sony's development studios are working on PSP2 titles alongside their PS3 titles. If it's going to be a little bit pricey, based on the rumored specs, they sure have to have an appropriate launch line-up.

    One such studio is Sony Bend, rumored to be working on Uncharted, which is pretty fine since they've done a great job with the couple of games they made for the PSP, namely Siphon Filter and Resistance: Retribution. :)

    I, for one, can't wait for the announcement. I hope it turns out to be the power house everyone's speculating about. Hopefully the price doesn't go well over $300 since that's very likely gonna be ~$450 where I live which is well over my budget. :/

    How about fixing the Settings page? I'd like to change my password and some other settings, but that is impossible right now when the server doesn't recognize me as a user. Thanks! :)

  • Can't wait for them to announce games that'll never come out...


  • @Despera I think you've got them mixed up w/ Square Enix and the 10 year development cycle of FFVersus XIII.

  • I think they're going to get together like it's the Godfather and plan to off Geohot, then the surprise they promised us will turn out to be that they'll send a PS3 repair man to the home of every PlayStation 3 to mod the hardware so that it can't be jailbroken.

  • I just hope this isn't false hope for the PSP2 announcement.

  • They just had to wait a little longer for Nintendo to do their own conference to get some... inspiration!
    I hope they're not announcing something like the 3D-PSP, I had enough with the sonymote.

  • Hope this time will get the first official news. Can't wait to see what can do!

  • Quote anoop "He referred to it specifically as PlayStation Meeting, in quotes, and said it was the first one in 6 years."

    He could just be following what the Blogs are guessing it will be and not reality. I fear many people will be disappointed by this PSP2 build up.. more so than all before it.. What happens if it doesn't exist. E3/TGS/CES 3 events of people screaming for a PSP2 and all we have seen are Playstation Phone leaks.. (possibly in a response to the screaming)..

    People are unrealistically hopeful about the reality of even existing a PSP2 but lets wait and see ... its always fun!.

  • @Astraea

    I think he was referring to some games Sony showed at E3 2005 and 2006.

    For example, titles like EyeDentify, Ni-Oh, The City of Metronome, Killing Day, Fifth Phantom Saga, and Eight Days still haven't come to fruition or were purportedly canceled.

  • there's a rumor said about psp2 and psp phone. So i guess both of them will be announced? Oh, and let's hope psp2 is region free (very important for importer like me) and have UMD slot.

  • The rumor you may be referring to is from Bloomberg, I believe. They said PSP2 will be at the Thursday event and PS Phone will be shown in February.

    I've heard that some foreign outlets have been invited to the Sony event so there will hopefully be some first hand impressions.

  • Zakzak is reporting on the event as well, although this seems to be just a summary of all the reports on other sites:

  • Give me my Legend of Dragoon sequel.

  • Every one is just reporting every one els there are no facts this could easily be just a standard event. People are going to be disappointed.

  • Like the sound of that Sundance_Kid

  • The official announcement for PSP2. Finally.

    Let's see how powerful it is : )

  • The event starts at 15:00 on the 27th.

    Nikkei Trendy will be live blogging.