Winner of Best Science Documentary - Grierson Awards 2010
Feature-length doc
Rageh Omaar explodes the myths about race and IQ.
Race Rageh thumb

Winner of Best Specialist Factual - BAFTA 2010

Winner of Best Science & Natural History Programme - RTS Awards 2009

Winner of Best Popular Factual Programme - Broadcast Awards 2010

Nominated for Best Series - Panda Awards at the Wildscreen Festival 2010

Nominated for Best Factual Entertainment Programme - Broadcasting Press Guild Awards 2010

4 x 60'
Natural History as you’ve never seen it before… from the inside out.
Inside Nature's Giants Thumb

Winner of Best Multi-Platform Project - Broadcast Digital Awards 2010

Nominated for Best Cross-Platform Project - BANFF Rockie Awards 2010

4 x 60'
Four patients go under the knife for pioneering life-changing operations. Broadcast live with interactive elements.
Surgery Thumb
Winner of Most Innovative Production - History Makers Awards 2010
6 x 50'
Commanders from the great battles of WWII go head-to-head in a game of skill, bluff and counterbluff.
Generals Thumb

Science Writing Award Broadcast category 2009, The American institute of Physics.

Science Writing in Film Award 2008, The American Institute of Physics Science Communication Broadcast Award.

An epic journey into the quest for cold, from the dark beginnings to an ultra-cool frontier.
abzero thumb

Winner of Best Newcomer Jonathan Gill Award - Grierson Awards 2010

Best Documentary – Rome Film Festival 2009

Best Documentary – Los Angeles Latin American Film Festival 2009

Nominee Best Documentary - British Independent Film Awards 2009


1 x 45' 1 x 56' 1 x 88'
Behind the scenes access to the Havana Boxing Academy in Cuba, the breeding ground for future Olympic Champions.
RTS Nomination 2007 for Best Graphic Design
6 x 50'
Hauling the heaviest structures across land, sea and air - Monster Moves returns for a fourth series.
MM4 Thumb
Banff Rockie: Best Science & Natural History Programme 2007
3 x 50'
Three films exploring the very thing that makes us human - the brain.

Royal Television Society Awards: Best Observational Documentary 2008

Chicago Film Festival: Silver Hugo Social/Political Documentary 2008

Cine Golden Eagle 2008

1 x 90'
Filmed over 10 years, this is the story of two young boys and the decisions that changed their lives forever.

Chicago Film Festival: Hugo Silver Plaque for Feature Length Telefilm, Drama 2008

Selected for INPUT 2008

Cine Golden Eagle 2008

1 x 75'
An innovative ‘reality drama’ from the same team who made 'Born With Two Mothers'.
RIMBF thumb

Nominated for an Emmy, 2007

Nominated for an Emmy – Historical Programming 2008

1 x 60'
The real story of the Cold War assassination of Georgi Markov - known as the 'Umbrella Murder'.
US International Film & Video Festival: Gold Camera Award 2006
1 x 60'
The race to capture elite German scientists and their high- tech weapons.
Nominated for a Best Drama Documentary, Grierson Awards 2005
1 x 90'
What would happen if a mother using IVF was given the wrong baby?

Cine Golden Eagle: Best History Documentary 2004

US International Film and Video Festival: Silver Screen

1 x 50'
Engineer Bashar Altabba discovers the tragic history of the Thailand to Burma Railway.

Royal Television Society Award: Best Documentary Series 2000

Nominated for a BAFTA (Documentary Series) 2000

3 x 50'
The agony and ecstasy of being 15 years old.

Gold World Medal History & Society, New York Festivals 2005

Nominated for a BAFTA (Specialist Factual) 2004

Nominated for an RTS Programme Award (History) 2004

1 x 120'
The definitive account of what really happened on D-Day.

EMMY: Outstanding Science, Technology & Nature Documentary 2005

ABSW Award: Best Science Documentary 2004

Grierson: Best Documentary on Science or the Natural World 2003

CINE Golden Eagle: Best Science Documentary Series 2004

New York Festivals Gold Medal: Best Science & Technology Series 2004

Indie Award: Best Science Documentary Series 2004

5 x 50'
An EMMY award-winning history of DNA - to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the double helix discovery with Dr Watson himself.
DNA thumb

Royal Television Society Award: Best History programme 2002

CINE Golden Eagle: Best History Documentary 2003

Gold World Medal, Arts Category, New York Festivals 2003

Certificate for Creative Excellence, US International Film and Video Festival 2003

1 x 50'
The amazing technical story behind the most audacious bombing raid of WWII.
Nominated for Royal Television Society Awards: Best Documentary Series 2000
5 x 50'
This landmark series on the origins of the Industrial Revolution challenges traditional views of this dramatic period in history.
CINE Golden Eagle & Grand Jury prize for Best History Documentary 2001
3 x 50'
Allied Officers return to Colditz Castle to retrace the routes of their legendary escapes.

Beijing Scientific Film Festival: Special Jury Prize

Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival: Best Environmental Film

1 x 50'
The story of the oldest living thing on Earth.
Selected for INPUT 1999
1 x 50'
Bonfires, thieving and love in Halifax- teenagers act out their lives in a West Yorkshire council estate.
Royal Television Society Award: Best Documentary Series 1999
6 x 50'
Difficult decisions made by, for and about children in trouble.
Selected for INPUT 1999
6 x 30'
The prototype of all Reality Shows as we know them today.

Jackson Hole Wildlife Festival: Award for Innovation

New York Festivals: Gold Medal for Best Wildlife & Grand Award

International Wildlife Festival: Best of Festival, Best Produced, Best Special FX, Best Scientific Content, Merit Award for Educational Value

1 x 60'
As the name implies - this film leaves no questions unanswered.

Banff Television Festival: Best Popular Science Film

Cable Ace Award: Best Informational Special

Royal Television Society Award

Selected for INPUT 1992

1 x 50'
The chemical elements personified by the poet Roger McGough.
Academia Film Festival, Czech Republic: J.A. Komenski Prize
6 x 30'
This series answers everyone’s first questions about the art, craft and science of painting.

CINE Golden Eagle

Silver Plaque, Chicago Film Festival

1 x 60
The two sons of the US Communist party leader; one brought up in the USSR, the other in the USA.
Image and Science Awards: Prix Special du Jury 1995
3 x 50'
Ken Campbell's oddysey to the heart of ultimate meaning in the universe.
EMMY: Best Factual Series 1995
15 x 30'
Seven Millennia of history come to life again in 10 ancient civilisations.
Ohio State Award for Documentary Films
1 x 80'
Anthropologist Dr. Clyde Snow hunts down the mortal remains of the legendary outlaws.
Cable Ace Award: Best International Documentary Series
6 x 30'
How technology shaped our modern city.

EMMY: "Outstanding Historical Programming"

Chicago Film Festival: Silver Plaque

"The Mission" Prix de Reportage, Jules Verne Prize/ Paris

3 x 50'
The epic story of the Soviet Space Programme.
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