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October 31, 2007

Editing on the Christmas special, then breaking to run over to my daughters school to participate in their annual Halloween enchanted story night. Every year, groups of kids walk through a maze of jack-o'-lanterns to various acted out stories put on by the parents and faculty.

I was assigned the narrator job for the Noah skit. We had a little tiny boat to stand in for the ark. It was quite amusing. (CUE THE RAINBOW!) The parent playing Noah and I kept getting tempted to break into the classic Bill Cosby “Noah” routine. It was supposed to be fairly serious, but we got a little punchy at the end, complete with Noah cleaning up after the gassy elephants.

On to November, the last month of Lazlo production! I think whats left of the crew and I are going to steal away for a day and go to Disneyland. Next week I’m off to Atlanta.



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