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Joe Murray & Mark O'Hare
My co-director Mark O'Hare and I looking way too happy.
Joe Murray at the Emmy's
Picture taken from a smuggled in camera at the
shrine. Thats me playing big brother on the screen.

September 8, 2007

Holy crap we won!

It's hard to describe the feeling that shoots through you when they announce that you're the winner at the Emmys. I was in shock. We won for best animated program one hour or more for the long form movie "Where's Lazlo". We were up against the ominous talent of Craig McCracken and Fosters, plus Hellboy and a National Geographic undersea special. (Not really sure about the last one, except I believe the whales were CG.)

This was especially sweet because Mark O'Hare and I wrote, directed and storyboarded the whole thing yourselves (with Brian Sheesley doing an incredible job directing the timing) and we had a blast doing it.

The ceremony went four and a half hours long, which apparently broke a record for the longest Emmy ceremony ever.

Luckily there was a good party to go to afterwards.

Too bad our show was cancelled. Hmmmmmm.



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