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Geothermal Utility

The City of Klamath Falls Geothermal Utility provides cost effective heating services utilizing a renewable, non-polluting "green" resource. The City of Klamath Falls is located in a Known Geothermal Resource Area (KGRA). Utilizing geothermal water supplied from wells producing 200-220 degree water, the City operates a geothermal utility system which provides heating services to commercial and government buildings throughout the downtown core area as well as geothermal sidewalk and bridge snow melt systems. The sidewalk and bridge snow melt systems provide safety and convenience throughout the winter months that would not be obtainable without low cost geothermal energy.

A significant benefit of geothermal heating is the reduced energy costs compared to alternate heating sources. As other heating sources continue to experience substantial cost increases, the cost of providing geothermal heat remains low along with providing a much higher heating efficiency than other heat sources.

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