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Episodes from Chartjackers broadcast in 2009

  1. How a hit single for Children in Need was crowd-sourced in just ten weeks.
  2. 10/10. It's the final week of the boys' quest - will they make it to number one?
  3. 9/10. The Chartjackers step up their efforts to get publicity for their crowd-sourced single.
  1. 8/10. The boys explain how they mobilised the internet to get some radio play, and meet N-Dubz.
  2. 7/10. Find out how the video shoot went, and look out for some celebrity cameos.
  3. 6/10. With the single in the can, all the Chartjackers have to do now is get it to number one.
  4. 5/10. With just six weeks remaining, the boys turn their attention to finding a band.
  5. 4/10. With just six weeks remaining the boys turn their attention to finding a band.
  1. 3/10. The Chartjackers have picked the lyrics, now all they need is a tune.
  2. 2/10. The Chartjackers work through some lyrics and ideas submitted for their song.
  3. 1/10. Four YouTube legends have just ten weeks to crowd-source a number one single.

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