It’s game on in SECRET SIX #25

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

By Alex Segura

This is the showdown you’ve been waiting for, as two Secret Six teams head for a nasty collision, courtesy of writer Gail Simone and artist J. Calafiore. Who is left standing, and will there even be a Secret Six when the dust settles? Bad guy guests galore in this turning point issue.

SECRET SIX #25 hits today.

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9 Responses to “It’s game on in SECRET SIX #25”

  1. jorel1983 says on :

    Ok did i miss something? when did the teams split?

  2. darknightgotham says on :

    Yes! Giganta’s back! I love that girl! And by the way, bane should start to shave, look at all tha arm hair, it’s like he’s competing with Neal adams’ batman

  3. Will44 says on :

    Can someone explain the last issue to me, the one set in the old west? it was damn good, but man did it make NO sense at all!

  4. kennypick says on :

    Wow. That is one Fugly cover.

  5. stargirl99 says on :

    @Jorel1983- Without giving too much away, Catman’s son got kittynapped and he went on a quest for revenge and Scandle, Deadshot, Ragdoll, and Black Alice went after him (Black Alice ended up leaving the team). But Bane and Jeanette were tired of not completing missions and stayed behind and got some new members.

  6. choob says on :


    Fugly? That is an amazing cover. Best cover i’ve seen Luvisi do and he’s had some great ones on both this book and Nemesis: The Impostors…

  7. jorel1983 says on :

    see i saw the last issue of Catman chopping people up but i guess i need to re read it. I don’t remember them breaking up and getting new members

  8. capmarvelfan says on :

    Uhhh, so that Weird Western Tale was a done-in-one?

    I don’t get it. Hopefully they’ll tie it in somehow or explain what was going on.

  9. wildclaw says on :

    Thank God Wonder Woman’s supporting cast are getting used elsewhere. Giganta is too awesome a character to just put away for a year! I’ll add this to my have with a cappucino pile!

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