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Leisure Suit Larry (360)

Review by David Jenkins. We're not pretending we weren't putting this review off for as long as possible.

Previous game Magna Cum Laude was so embarrassingly awful that when we heard suggestions that this was even worse we became genuinely fearful of it.

And it's true, this is worse. In fact, it's one of the very worst video games we've ever experienced. And remember that we've played Bus Simulator...

Although Activision were rightly pilloried for dropping the likes of Brutal Legend and Ghostbusters, we can fully understand why they'd want nothing to do with this.

The Leisure Suit Larry games used to be graphic adventures, whose level of humour was so basic the series found its greatest popularity in Germany.

Compared to this though, those old games were pure comedy gold.

As in all of Larry's games, the aim here is to get laid.

That might sound terribly adult and daring, but because this was made in America there's almost no sexual content at all, just rocking caravan trailers and fully-clothed women.

There's enough swearing to make Gordon Ramsay blanch, but none of it is in the slightest bit funny - it all just sounds like the writer has Tourette's.

The previous game kept to the graphic adventure roots to a degree, but this seems to be trying to copy GTA.

If only there were some proper jokes it'd be a parody, with endless fetch quests that are so inane it takes you longer to get to them than it does to actually complete them.

Not that the game is easy: thanks to the horribly floaty jumping controls, success is purely a matter of luck.

Incredibly, the game also forces you into fist fights on a regular basis, but there's only really three moves and whether the game actually acknowledges your controller inputs is a lottery.

The only element that isn't a complete disaster is a directing mini-game that lets you pick movie camera angles, thereby revealing additional jokes.

The problem being, of course, that the jokes still aren't actually funny.

To finish off our checklist of incompetence, the interior camera is atrocious and the graphics even worse.

All of the female characters are grotesquely ugly, so even if the game was well-written it still wouldn't be in the least bit titillating.

Of course, then there'd be the question of sexism, but not as the game stands now. It treats its male players with far greater contempt than any woman.

IN SHORT: One of the worst video games ever made - brutally unfunny and monotonously inept on every level.

PROS: It's relatively cheap, but not nearly enough for this to seem anything other than daylight robbery.

CONS: Offensively unamusing. Dull, repetitive missions made worse by terrible platforming and combat.

SCORE: 1/10 Out: Now (UK)

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