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The Great Wall M.B.A. Program

The Great Wall M.B.A. program was developed on a solid foundation of strong alliances. Oklahoma City University’s Meinders School of Business has joined forces with Tianjin University of Finance and Economics (TJUFE) in China and to develop a unique and powerful curriculum which provides students with a strong foundation of knowledge, business skills, and a network of business contacts throughout Asia and the entire world.

In Asia, relationships and networking are critical for success. OCU has been offering an M.B.A. program in China since 1986. The Meinders School of Business M.B.A. program, in cooperation with TJUFE, was one of the first of its kind in China and boasts more than 650 highly successful and influential graduates. In 2002, it was selected as one of the best Sino-foreign M.B.A. programs in China by the Degree Committee of the State Council and the government of China.

Tianjin University of Finance and Economics is a pioneer university in providing economics and finance education in China. In 2005 the OCU/TJUFE M.B.A. was expanded to include students from the west that includes an 18 month residence in China. Chinese and western students study collaboratively in pursuit of their M.B.A.

Admissions | Apply Online

Domestic Students: Online Application
International students: Online Application

In addition to applying online, you will also need:

  • Official university transcript detailing courses taken, grades achieved, and degrees awarded.
  • One recent passport size photograph.
All admission decisions are made by Meinders School of Business Graduate Admissions Committee.

Program information and application packages can be obtained by contacting: the Office of Admissions at 405-208-6222 or 800-633-7242 email us at gadmissions@okcu.edu.

Scholarships and Tuition

Tuition for the Great Wall program is set up as a package price. Tuition scholarships are available for highly qualified students. All scholarship decisions are made by the Meinders School of Business Graduate Studies Committee. Scholarship decisions are based GMAT and GRE scores.

  • Great Wall MBA Tuition: $564 per credit hour (includes fees)
  • Total Cost of Great Wall MBA: $22,000

    GMAT Scholarship for Great Wall MBA
    600> $10,000
    550-599 $8,000
    500-549 $5,000

    GRE Scholarship for Great Wall MBA
    1500-1600 $10,000
    1300-1499 $6,000
    1100-1299 $5,000
    Restrictions: GMAT and GRE Scholarships may not be stacked or be used for books, room, and board.
Note: The Great Wall Program is a special package price at $564 per credit hour. Normal MBA Tuition at Oklahoma City University is $885 per credit hour (plus fees).

Orientation Period

The purpose of the orientation period is to cover foundation courses, provide more information about the Meinders School of Business and TJUFE, introduce faculty who teach in the Great Wall M.B.A. program, and the program’s goals. Orientation classes are conducted jointly by OCU and TJUFE professors or administrators. The objectives are to help the student feel comfortable in new surroundings, prepare for the challenges of the program, and provide understanding of how this program can help achieve an individual's career goals.

Professional seminars giving you increased exposure and expertise in doing business with China

Throughout the duration of the Great Wall M.B.A. program OCU and TJUFE, in cooperation with OCU alumni associations in different countries, will conduct timely seminars covering the latest developments in the economy of China and its relationships with other countries. These seminars and lectures will cover a variety of topics, such as; the best business practices of multinational firms operating in China or doing business with China, and the expansion efforts of Chinese multinational companies into global markets. Students in the Great Wall M.B.A. program are required to attend these seminars and to learn from eminent authorities and top executives from the industry or government bodies that will be invited to speak. In recent years the Great Wall program has included additional academic and business conferences in Beijing and Shanghai that allowed students to participate in executive level seminars for business and industry.

Language and Cultural Classes, Field Trips

Understanding basic Chinese culture as well as ethical and business values is critical for business success in China. The Great Wall M.B.A. program provides students with many opportunities to learn and understand Chinese language, culture, and business practices. Students will participate in Mandarin language classes, Chinese business culture classes, visit historic Chinese sites, and listen to presentations by senior Chinese business managers as they tour their offices and production facilities.

Internship Programs

There are some internship opportunities available and may differ based on the experience of the student. These internship programs allow students to apply theories learned in the classroom to a real world setting; build a work history for resumes; acquire practical, professional and personal skills; and gain a competitive edge in the job market. The OCU/TJUFE joint M.B.A. program has more than 600 influential alumni in China. Many hold top-level managerial positions and regularly agree to share their knowledge and experiences. During the last four months of the Great Wall M.B.A. program opportunities exist to intern in a top-level company or multinational firms operating in China.

A Comprehensive Research Project

Students in the Great Wall M.B.A. program are expected to develop a high level of expertise in a particular area of financial management and an industry according to their individual interests and objectives as they complete their degree requirements. They select an area of specialization, with the support and approval of their professors. Students are encouraged to select a specialization in the field of business finance, industry, and in a firm operating in China. After selecting an area of specialization, they collect and study specific information and readings related to that area. The post-course project, research paper, and any internship selected should focus on their designated area of specialization to help further develop your knowledge and expertise. The findings and results of your research project will be documented in a final, comprehensive M.B.A. project report that will be completed during the capstone course of the Great Wall M.B.A. program. The project will require a formal presentation to the class in order to increase the overall knowledge of all students in the Great Wall M.B.A. program. Industry experts may be present during the presentation to evaluate the research project.


Oklahoma City University is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, the University Senate of the United Methodist Church, State of Oklahoma Board of Education and Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. The Meinders School of Business is fully accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The Great Wall M.B.A. program is accredited by the Degree Commission of the State Council of China as a qualified Sino-foreign M.B.A. program.

Student Housing

Housing is available on the campus of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics. The total cost of room and board for 18 months of study in China is approximately U.S. $5,000 to $6,000. For more information about student housing at TJUFE, visit their Web site at www.tjufe.edu.cn. Students may also seek off campus living arrangements with prior approval of the director of global programs and the dean.

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