Final Fantasy VI.

Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto updated the Square Enix Members Twitter yesterday with a peculiar message concerning future Final Fantasy DS titles.

Someone asked Hashimoto for an update on possible DS ports of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. Hashimoto's response was "For FF5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are also undecided."

He said "also" because a previous poster had asked about possible download release for Super Famicom's Seiken Densetsu 3. Hashimoto's response here was, "This is also at preset undecided."

There's an "also" in this response too because prior to this, someone had asked about a release of Square Enix's Ever Heart Odyssey on a platform other than iMode. Hashimoto's response was, "This is at present undecided." This was the first question.

So what kind of technical issues could be holding FFV and FFVI back? It's presumable that Square Enix would do full remakes along the lines of FFIV rather than simple ports.


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  • There are already the GBA ports, only plagued by sound issues. I don't see much need for DS remakes for V and VI. I'm all for HD console remakes, though.

  • On the one hand, finding a way to make those games work on the DS will result in easy money for Square Enix -- especially FFVI.

    On the other hand, maybe it's a subtle clue that the company wants to put it on more powerful hardware (3DS? PSP?).

  • I have a feeling that the technical difficulties might be related to the storage media if they were to do a remake with developer Matrix Software using the graphics that were used for Final Fantasy IV and III. I do wonder if Square has considered releasing remakes for the PSP, which I keep hearing sells really well in Japan.

  • I think it's because of the max number of polys.
    There are sections, at least in 6, where there are a large number of characters in a battle. They wouldn't be able to do this with the max poly count, perhaps.

  • Or without crippling load times, at least. I agree, hold off until better hardware hits to remake. In the mean time, Virtual Consolize 'em!

  • Shame, would have loved to seen V & VI on the DS if only for completism's (is that even a word?) sake.
    It's not as if Square Enix are averse to porting the older FF titles. I mean the first 2 have so far appeared on PSP, Wonderswan, Mobiles, GBA, iPhone, PSX and god knows what else...
    Still, FF V & VI on the 3DS would be very nice indeed.

  • I still say their 'Technical Issues' are do to them wanting to push the graphical envelope to ofar and make the game more expensive than the scope of the DS should be. Looking at the sales and performance of Final Fantasy IV DS, they can't really 'upgrade' FFV and VI any farther on the current hardware. And its not really SquareEnix trend to keep the Final Fantasy titles at the same level, they always have to be 'bigger and more expensive' even at the cost of profits.

    We're probably going to have to wait for the release of the 3DS before we see any hints of a remake for FFV and VI. And even then, they may not do it if the hardware isn't powerful enough to their liking.



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