One Convenient Bundle

Brain Age2: More Training in Minutes a Day! for Nintendo DS

Get ready for a totally new way to enjoy your free time.

Give your brain the workout it needs

Exercise is the key to good health both for body and mind - and now, with the Brain Age games, there's a way to make mental exercise fun, even competitive. Just minutes a day, that's all it takes to challenge your mind and, with Nintendo DS portability, you can play Brain Age at work, on vacation, or anywhere your day takes you.

Fun pick-up-and-play activities

Brain Age's intuitive gameplay makes brain training easy for everyone. Train across fifteen activities. Solve simple math problems, recite piano songs, play a challenging version of rock, paper, scissors, and test your memory skills in the classic game, Concentration. You'll love your mental workout!

Play Sudoku!

When you're done with training for the day, try your hand solving 100 Sudoku puzzles! The Nintendo DS's Touch Screen makes writing the numbers a snap.

Brain Age in Action

Brain Age on TV Brain Training Videos Around the World